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Fybogel Shock

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lynbrown | 12:17 Wed 28th Jun 2023 | Body & Soul
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My GP prescribed a box of the above medicine for constipation. She never said how long to take them. My constipation was getting better and I wrote to her, asking how long I needed to take them. She never replied, so I googled them and was alarmed to read that tking too much Fybogel could lead to Diarrhoea! I stopped them immediately. Shouldn't the GP have informed me of this?


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If the medication contains an information leaflet, it’s assumed by gps that you would look at that ?
I would have thought that was an obvious result of taking too much of medication for constipation.

errr, why were you shocked i wonder? This just in: "medicine that makes you poo more makes you poo even more if you take even more of it"
Would you rather poo or not poo? That is the question.
I would have thought so, lyn.
Never mind, in future, read the label.

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Fybogel Shock

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