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Parkinson D Sufferers

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crosspatch65 | 18:16 Wed 26th Jul 2023 | Body & Soul
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I wonder if another Parkinson D Sufferer can advice. I suffer from aching legs during the night time. This wakens me up. is there another sufferer who has the same problem and can give me any suggestion what I can do? My doctor has suggested rubbing 3 time a day with Ibuprofen Gel but I still waken several tmes.


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I'm sorry that I can't help directly but I'm posting to say that HealthUnlocked (which is a social networking site, specialising in health issues and supported by the NHS) has a forum with over 20,000 members that's dedicated to Parkinson's disease. So, if you can't find help on AB, you might like to join the forum and post your question there:

[HealthUnlocked is a completely legitimate site, with many leading health charities creating forums on it. (I'm a member of the one for prostate cancer). You won't get any spam emails, or any other problems, through signing up to the site and it's completely free].
No, i am not a PD sufferer.
Night cramps are a common complaint amongst sufferers of this disorder....probably more than 50% develop muscle spasms.
You Dr's advice is good and sorry that it doesn't help.

There is a drug..Levodopa which taken at particular times and in a particular way might help.
This area is outside my expertise, so please mention this drug to your GP.

As suggested by Buenchico...........the forum may help.

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Parkinson D Sufferers

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