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LadyCG | 06:57 Sat 29th Jul 2023 | Body & Soul
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I've been prescribed Prednisolone 30mg for five days. Anyone had side effects with a short course like this?

I've got Doxycycline too.


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I've been on both in the past with no side effects. I was on Prednisolone long term.
Yes, I've been on a reducing dose of prenisolone for about 12 weeks now with no side-effects. Started with 40mg a day for a fortnight, then 30, 25, 20, 15, 10. Also had a stomach-liner tablet to take first each day.
Hi Lady CG, hope you feel better soon.
I used to take Prednisolone for my Rheumatoid Arthritis, but I've noticed these days when you have a bad chest infection ( I think) they give you low-dose steroids with the anti-biotics.
I've heard of lots of people who have been prescribed them for this and never heard of anyone who had side effects.
There can be side effects if you take high doses long term, but not as you have been prescribed. Take care.
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Thanks Peeps. I was worried about "Moon face" more than anything.
You have to be taking steroids for a long time to get moon face
It's pretty low, you still might notice a slight increase in appetite, especially carb cravings
I always get steroids with my antibiotics for chest infections because I have asthma 40 mg a day for 5 days, sometimes 50 mg (10 tablets)
I was also precribed prednisolone in February (for polymyalgia rheumatica) reducing from 40mg by 5mg every month. Once at ten mg I had to reduce by 1mg every two weeks until I got to 3mg, now awaiting a review while continuing the 3mg.
I did get a bit if a moon face, but not until I had been taking it for quite a number of weeks.
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Thanks Ferlew. I did have a course some time ago and I think I had increased thirst but I am always reluctant to take them at all.
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Sorry, that should have said "Thanks everyone."
The hormone treatment for my prostate cancer was switched to a much stronger one ten days ago. I have to take it on an empty stomach, eat a meal about an hour later and then take Prednisolone to counter some of the unwanted effects of the hormone treatment. I've not experienced any side effects from it.
it may cause insomnia

I was on 90mg for five days and you er dont sleep very well
Chris, was your medication change following a scan ?
PP: Oddly, switching from 'low power' hormone tablets to 'high power' ones accompanied by Prednisolone has got rid of the really bad insomnia that I'd been experiencing.

Anne: My medication was switched from hormone patches to hormone injections because my PSA was too high. It then went up again, so I had 'low power' hormone tablets added into the treatment. It continued to rise, and a scan showed that the cancer had been progressing in my lymph nodes (causing them to swell), so I'm now on 'high power' hormone tablets alongside the injections.
Chris, thanks for your post, by no means feel obligated to reply if you do not wish to , ( I will not be insulted) .
I hope the additional treatment helps.
Do you feel unwell? Take care Anne .
(With apologies to LCG):

Thanks for your concern, Anne. Apart from getting tired very easily, I feel fine most of the time.
I hope you are taking care of your health as best you can . ( be good to yourself) .
Doxy can also make you feel rough - hopefully all has resolved now! I think the new school of thinking is to take prebiotics during/after antibiotics to help you restore your gut flora as they can disrupt it.

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