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Is This An Ulcer On My Skin? Someone Please Help

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Gio777 | 09:18 Sat 29th Jul 2023 | Body & Soul
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M28, is still a ulcer on my skin?

Is this a ulcer on my skin?

Is this a ulcer on my skin? Can someone help please

I noticed a small lump on my inner thigh close to the groin area, next to testicles. I thought it was an ingrown hair at first, played around with tweezer but no success, so I left it for 2 days.

I then checked again and saw it was red/dark red, I thought was an ingrown and played around with it, I pinched it and It popped, quite a bit of blood came out, I then left it, 3 days onwards it incredibly painful, it’s a mixture of a stinging and stabbing pain, when my legs rub as walking, and my hairs poke into it, looks like something I’ve never had before. The white dryness around it is from sudocream


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Just looks rubbed and sore to me. Stick some soothing cream on it, if desired maybe a plaster to prevent rubbing, monitor progress. And try not to panic.
Yes, that is an ulcer and yes, it is a cause of concern.

Almost certainly an infective process, but I do not like the characteristics of the edges which might suggest something more serious.
See your GP.
Hi Gio, always listen to Sqad, best of luck. Let us know how you get on.
Where is the ulcer ?
On his thigh, near his groin.
Thanks Barry ,
By all means take the advice given by sqad, but given the location and the fact you are hirsuit, it maybe an ingrown hair.
Hirsute or not, I don't like the slight glistening appearance or the edges.

You need to go to the Fast-Track Dermatology Clinic (see your GP) as it is easier to characterise under the dermatoscope.
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Squad has advised a dermatology consult too
AA why don't you read the OP instead of asking a question when the answer is there for all to see? You do it often.
LB, by all means report my posts , .
I wouldn't do that, they haven't broken Site Rules. I find it annoying when you ask a question and the answer is there before your eyes. I guess I'll just have to live with it Anne but can't you see why it might be annoying? Perhaps it's just me:-(
I must be kept clean and if it does not clear up in a week ring your surgery and get a nurse or doctor to see it, they can refer you to an expert if needed.
Take squad’s advice. See your GP. That’s the best advice you’ll get.
Sqad and Lady Cg have given you good advice.
Get on the phone first thing Monday morning.

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Is This An Ulcer On My Skin? Someone Please Help

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