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Gyms With Private Enclosed Treadmills

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Raidergal2022 | 22:37 Fri 04th Aug 2023 | Body & Soul
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Are there any gyms where you can run on a treadmill in an enclosed area/booth so you are private/no one else can see you and can watch like a scenic route or something on the screen?

Or am I dreaming a bit?


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A home gym??? Get your own treadmill in & a screensaver. It's nice & private.
I have home equipment that hooks up to my tablet. I pay a monthly subscription for thousands of workouts with trainers exercing outdoors and my machine adjusts automatically according to the workout.

I have never heard of a gym with private exercise areas, I wonder if it would be legal or safe.
Why not consider joining your local running club instead? Ours has 9 different groups to reflect all abilities from those who win at world age group championships to a beginner run/walk group. Get plenty of encouragement from everyone, it’s incredibly friendly and you get to talk to real people instead of staring at a screen. You also pay less per annum than you would for a month’s gym membership
You won't believe me but nobody will be looking at you. They will be looking at themselves in the mirror or engrossed in the screen.
You won't be the biggest/thinnest/oldest/youngest unfittest person there.

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Gyms With Private Enclosed Treadmills

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