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New Glasses Prescription Not Worked

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UKSWF | 15:46 Sun 20th Aug 2023 | Body & Soul
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I have been for an eye test with one of the big chain opticians (footwear related) they issued a new prescription and made me i new pair of glasses, but after 2 weeks of wearing them I still had double vision when looking distance , they were adjusted twice every two weeks but didn’t resolve the double vision, they retested my eyes and reglazed my glasses with a slightly different prescription with that still hasn’t resolved it! They have refunded my money and said it could be that I cannot tolerate the material the lenses are made from and to go elsewhere, does thank make sense to anyone! I’m fine close up and mid distance no double vision but far off is uncomfortable!


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Some opticians just get it wrong, it happens.

I have had it happen to me, only once, but I understand your experience.

Basically, if you are aware you are wearing glasses, something is wrong, as they have acknowledged.

Find another optician, get another test, and start again.

Maybe go to an experienced independent, they are not salaried like the chain opticians, they stand or fall on their reputation.

Good luck.
I can't see any way Boots can improve the service they've given you. I think their recommendation of seeing a different optician is a good one; you might have a problem that a different optician could spot.
Many years ago I had the same experience with to useless. Since then, I've always gone to Specsavers and never had a problem. They work just like independants because they are franchise-operated.
yes, I know..."independent"!
If you need glasses for close up as well as distance, then surely you need 2 pairs of glasses or bifocals?
Barsel - that doesn't follow. When you look at something close you both refocus each eye AND change the direction in which they look ie, you cross your eyes to a certain extent. If you don't "cross" them by the right amount you will get double-vision.
Question Author
My close up and middle distance vision is fine, I don’t need to use reading glasses! It’s just distance that’s off! Either eye is fine and clear but when I use both eyes I get double vision! It certainly doesn’t feel safe to drive!
I once went to SpcSaver and was surprised they said my eyes had changed and I needed new glasses. My eyes had been unchanged for many years previously.
When my new glasses arrived they were clearly wrong. I took them back and they said to persist with them. After a month they still weren’t working, and SS insisted they were the correct prescription. I reverted to my old glasses and next time I was due an eye test I went somewhere else and got new glasses that worked.
Needless to say I never went back and they have lost hundreds/thousands of pounds.
Like I said, opticians can and do get it wrong, no-one is infallible.
Do you have double vision without the glasses and were they supposed to rectify it?
UKSWF, I see. Sorry for the pun!
Did the optician ask if you have double vision when you went for your eye test, they usually do.
I sometimes have double vision with or without glasses, but if I blink a few times and look at something in a slightly different way, it seems to right itself.
If you have double vision all the time, then that really needs looking at. ( sorry)
Question Author
No double vision without the glasses but i obviously struggle with distance approx -5.25 and -5.50 prescription correction suggested!
Question Author
That prescription works through either eye if I cover one, but using both eyes causes side by side double vision! It’s very strange!
Question Author
The double vision only started when I was dispensed new glasses, I’m just went for any eye test as a general health checkup and I knew my old prescription could have been improved (59 yo female)
Ah well, sounds like the opticians' fault.
As Andy said, /some opticians get it wrong/
If you can afford it, go to an independent private optician.
Question Author
Thank you everyone for your input, I feel a bit more reassured, I was starting to panic which wouldn’t help the situation!
^with absolutely no guarantee that they will be any better, of course.
Question Author

Well positive results I hope, I collected a new set for Glasses this made by an independent optitican and so far have had no double vision at all!  I feel confident enough to drive again but obviously won't rush it!  Crossed fingers it doesn't return!

UKSWF - good result then. Thanks for getting back to us.

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New Glasses Prescription Not Worked

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