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Do A Large Percentage Of People Hate To See You Succeed?

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Raidergal2022 | 15:34 Sun 20th Aug 2023 | Body & Soul
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Do you think that a large percentage of other people secretly enjoy others misfortunes, even when it comes to their friends? For example things like breakups, financial losses, job losses etc?

No one will ever admit to it but all too often I have seen friends etc be in a slightly better mood if I tell them bad news

There was a music star who said something interesting and I am wondering if he is right. He said that ‘people don’t like seeing you at rock bottom/having a much worse time than them but at the same time they tend to dislike and get jelous when you go higher/achieve more than them. They like you to have a little fortune but not more than them’

What do you think?


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Raidergal2022,it’s not something I’ve ever given any thought to, I’m not a jealous type , I’ll leave that to the ones who’ve the problem
Raidergal, there is probably a name for people like that, but apart from because of jealousy, I don't know what a person like that would be called, but I agree with that statement 100%.
I do have a friend like that within the circle of people I know.
There are people like that, the trick is to keep them out of your life as far as possible.
Yes, there is a lot of schadenfreude about.
Andy, it's just a trait.
The person I know who is like this has lots of good things about her, so I would never drop her as a frienf.
TTT, I had to look that word up!
There are jealous, envious people in the world, and we still hear phrases like 'who does he think he is?' and 'rising above his station' when somebody 'betters' himself (or herself).
'Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke' is sometimes said when a person fails in some way.

Not every one is nice.
common word round ere barsel!
TTT, well I don't use common words!
Is there a difference between jealousy and envy?
Question Author
It’s an uncomfortable discussion as it implies a threat to our feelings of security but I do like to look for the truth in the human psych

That quote/analysis by the way was made by Justin Bieber : D Smart lad
How would you describe a person like this ? This is made up by the way.
I have a little old car that isn't even reliable.
A friend has just bought a brand new car that does everything except make you a cup of tea!
I think wow, I wish I had a car like that but I personally wouldn't want that car because I wouldn't feel comfortable driving it.
So, am I jealous of her for having that car even though I wouldn't want it myself for any specific reason?
TTT thanks dor the link.
You mean envious, not jealous, Barsel. You don't feel threatened because someone you know has a nice car, you are envious of them having the car
16:27, if you wanted it you'd be envious but as you don't i'd say you are jealous of the mere fact she has it.
Thanks, Barry. So it's quite normal to feel envious of something or someone without actually wanting that thing or being that person?
TTT it's starting to sink in now, I think. :-).
I think if you are envious, you wish you had something that someone else has, if you are jealous, you resent them for having it, and harbour hostile feelings.

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Do A Large Percentage Of People Hate To See You Succeed?

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