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Has Anyone Here Had Sinus Issues/Surgery..

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Raidergal2022 | 20:03 Wed 30th Aug 2023 | Body & Soul
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Hello, I wondered if anyone has had experience with sinus issues/surgery. My diagnosis is chronic rhinosinitis with ‘grade 1’ nasal polyps. It’s odd as it has always seemed to me like an allergy the way I suddenly get episodes of intense tingling, sneezing attacks and clear discharge. Antihistamines do help a lot (within 30 mins of taking them) but all allergy tests have been negative so I remain confused as to the underlying cause.

I do get frustrating symptoms like nasal obstruction and an irritating feeling of pressure but after discussing with ENT it is unclear how much surgery will help with it, he left the choice with me.

Here are some interesting scans have any of you with sinus issues had this level of inflammation and opted for surgery, or would you see if it gets worse? The below is after 12 years of the disorder/inflammation. Are there any other ways to clear the thickening in the sinuses?


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You have given a full and helpful condition of your diseased nasal sinuses of which much appreciation is accorded.

HOWEVER this is not a simple straightforward and worthy of presentation of a Society meeting of Rhinologists to which you would hear varying opinions as to your on going management.

AB is not the place for such a situation and I will not post further on this subject.

it is your decision and yours alone.
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Thanks for your reply, ohh ok.

That’s the issue it’s not a straightforward CRSwNP as in I’m told the scan doesn’t look that bad plus many of the population have rhinitis (I imagine some thickening is common) but then my symptoms are so bothersome.

I’ve questioned if the issue is a poor level of tolerance on my part as I can become a bit too focused on symptoms. I’l see how it goes for now I guess.

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Has Anyone Here Had Sinus Issues/Surgery..

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