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Treat One Symptom And Gain A Few More.

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nicebloke1 | 10:25 Fri 06th Oct 2023 | Body & Soul
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Weight loss injections must be at the top of the list as being a classic case of treating the symptoms and not the cause. It now appears that the injections create symptoms of there own, well not really any surprise is it? When are we going to learn that medication is not always the answer. You could say, out of the frying pan into the fire. The answer should always be, Eradicate the main cause. Do you have any thoughts on the above?



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I'm not surprised these drugs have side effects. I suppose desperate people will put up with them.

I could do with shedding a bit of Timber but there is no way I'd use any of these sorts of methods. Create a calorie deficit end of.

I suppose if you are a ticking bomb with life threatening medical issues the side effects of these weight loss drugs are the lesser of two evils. I suppose an overweight diabetic who has tried to shift weight but can't will be seen as a worthwhile patient to be treated with these injections with a view that the advantage of the weight loss could alleviate other symptoms.

I think medication is dished out too easily for a multitude of complaints without actually doing further investigation. The side-effects of some medications can be worse than the actual
pain or whatever being treated. I agree with the above "eradicate the main cause".

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I do have sympathy to a degree with diabetics having to stick to a diet that dont allow you to have all the things you enjoy, and maybe one day I will face such. We produced a Covid injection in the hope of controlling / preventing / killing or relieving the affects. Producing an injection to kill a chocolate bar or packet of crisps is only going to encourage or give the green light to continue with the same life style.

I agree entirely with your post, however in the case of Obesity, we do not know the cause in 99.9% of cases. However we do know the dangers of Obesity and hence we do require a method of treatment for this "symptom."


ithought weight loss injections DID treat the cause - by making people eat less (which IS the cause for overweight)?

///making people eat less (which IS the cause for overweight)?///

😁😁😁😁😁I'm not sure that's what you meant - didn't you mean cure, not cause 😁😁😁😁😁....


no i mean that eating too much is the cause (not a symptom) and the injection make you eat less

I knew what bednobs meant.

Sorry bednobs [I'll get my coat] 😋

///I knew what bednobs meant.///

Well bully for you. So did I which was why I added all the emoticons [huge sigh]

I've lost a shade under two stone since February by eating less, keeping an eye on calories and not eating after 6 at night or before 9 in the morning. I wouldn't have injections, I have enough needkes as it is!

Well done, Roo

Thanks, barry1010. It's hard work but people are noticing which is good. 

Question Author

Sqad 13.25. I'm genuinely confused with some of your answer. When you research the reason for most cases of obesity the same conclusion appears being, eating to much, and moving to little. Are you able to clarify or expand on your above answer. Interested!

nicebloke, nobody really knows what compels some people to overeat and not be able to diet successfully; nor do any experts really know why one person can eat the same as another of identical height, age, build and level of activity and gain a lot of weight whilst the other's weight doesn't change.

I am a lot taller than my wife, yet she can eat far more than me without gaining weight.  Many years ago we went wild camping where we carried all our food and drink.  We hiked the same distance every day, ate the same food in the same quantity and did the same things - I carried a heavier load and walked much further (going back and forth).  When we got home I had put on weight, my wife had lost weight.   Some experts say that metabolism doesn't affect weight or body shape.  

For anyone who is interested, this explanation of why "calories in, calories out" is too simplistic and doesn't work.,a%20reduction%20in%20energy%20intake.

As for the new weight loss drugs, a few months ago I read some articles detailing some nasty side effects. Apparently they can slow down the passage of food...hence the feeling of fullness...but have caused blockages in some unfortunate patients. 

Question Author

Interesting post barry and something to puzzle over, especially your camping / walking trip. But it appears that most who have mobility cars/ scooters have a massive weight problem, the latter must surely point to lack of movement / exercise/ walking?

Thats a bit chicken/egg, nice bloke. If they have mobility issues, they gain weight. They can't move enough to exert themselves and use must eat less. But how much less?...yet stay healthy? They may only burn whatever their basel metabolic rate is.

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Treat One Symptom And Gain A Few More.

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