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Have You Ever Experienced The Same.

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nicebloke1 | 22:04 Tue 03rd Oct 2023 | Body & Soul
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Over the years I've found that people can get very envious and jealous just because they find me intelligent. Some people would think it only happens to the rich and famous, but I've found thats not always the case. 



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All the time, Nicebloke, all the time!

Yes, 'fraid so.  They can get very nasty and I used to back away and crawl a bit. I don't any more, but it's taken so long to learn.  I'm still very hesitant about 'putting myself in the firing line'.


I don't come across as intelligent on AB, but at school I was known as one of "the clever ones". We were called snobs because we worked hard and got fed up with the messers.

I've never felt people were jealous of me, nor was I jealous of the cleverer ones. 

ok solve for X

Log X³=3

by inspection ( = you look at it)

logbase10  10powa 3 = 3 innit

Is it 10?

You omitted mentioning your modesty.

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Without going into a long story I fixed a really difficult water leak for someone the other day (free)all I got from the man of the house was, not a thank you, but,I could have done it with the right tools. I just replied maybe, and left.

did you get the equation?

Question Author

TTT. You seem to have missed my main point. Everyone has certain areas that they may or may not achieve in, ie certain subjects, so one will leave it at that or before you know it, it will be way off the OP

I am just trying to find some sort of evidence for your "intelligence".

You fixed a water leak for free! well not sure about the other stuff but you've got to be a really nice bloke.

Plumbers charge a fortune.

I've never claimed to be smarter than anyone or envious of anyone who is.

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22.10 I would think being called a snob, is being jealous up to a point.

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Arksided, A friend of a friend who was in trouble.

I agree.

Doing sums is a measure of understanding sums.

It's your modesty that makes you so humble.

I have never trained as a plumber but I plumbed in a house from top to bottom for a mate of mine in Brittany. A nigh on derelict farmhouse. I do not consider myself that intelligent but I can read books and practice. I also managed to converse at the plombiers for pipes,joints and heating immersion tanks etc. Try drilling through 1ft granite walls and you have a challenge. I never considered that was intelligent.

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Well done you retrocop but very much like TTT you've missed the point. The little plumbing job that I did was not neither here or there or my level of intelligents, it was to give an example of the response I had from the man of the house. Jourdain2 @22.09 seems to have understood the OP.

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