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Has Anyone Any Tips/Suggestions/Advice To Offer Me? Lower Back Pain.

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lynbrown | 16:26 Sat 28th Oct 2023 | Body & Soul
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I have sciatica in my  left lag but not sure if there is a connection or not.  When I go out for my walk to the shops, within 5 minutes, my lower back is aching.  I take 2 co-codimal beforehand but they no longer have any affect.  I end up going to a local cafe for a sit-down to ease the painful ache.  I visit a chiropractioner but it's not any help.  Walking about the house is OK.   Grateful for any help.  Im 79, so should maybe just accept old age!



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You need a good osteopath - your GP can probably reccomend one to you.


Just might be coming from a hip problem - have you seen GP?

When you got to shop, Lyn, do you carry much shopping? My doctor told me to avoid lifting anything heavy, as it will start the sciatica pain off.

I tried acupuncture for sciatica but unfortunately it didn't work for me.

I'm 74 and am stuck with the same thing, have had it for years.  I try to avoid painkillers as much as possible, but I have some heavier-dosage co-codamol from the GP for when necessary.

Lot of sensible answers.  Avoid heavy lifting (includes shopping bags) & if you have to carry anything tuck  arms into your sides and be a straight as possible.

My 1st hip problem referred pain to my sciatic nerve, need a replacement.  Once GP had done  a course in  acupuncture andit worked on me although it doesn't work on everyone.

I pay to see an osteopath when  necessary and last week I gave up on NHS Phsio for ever and paid for an hour with a newly qualified physio/sports massage specialist..... I knew I'd been in a fight for a couple of days! It  had  straightened out a lot of snarled-up muscles and nerves.

A pillow under your knees when sleeping helps at night, as does warmth.  Good luck and sympathy.  

I suffer similar pain.

My osteopath confirms a swollen joint is pressing on the sciatic nerve.

A treatment of massage and manipulation sorts it out.


I use one of these in the link below to help with my back pain and it does help.  I have a few things wrong with my back including arthritis of the spine and get a lot of pain with it.  Physio recommended it and he also said to try Tiger Balm although the Balm does stain  so need to be careful if you use that too.;gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2YDq_NKaggMVl-3tCh1NGA0tEAQYBiABEgJ8MPD_BwE

Hatha Yoga practices really helped me with past back problems. The simplest and best, is to lay flat on your back, on a hard floor, legs relaxed, hands a bit away from your sides, and practice counting your breath, 5 count in 7 count out, find what works for you for breathing rhythm, and this exercise will take time to work, like 20 minutes or more and as your back muscles relax that will allow your back to come into alignment. you may hear some loud deep pop sounds, keep breathing. its so easy! gently and slowly stand from this position, try to roll your spine into an upright stance, dont jerk or hunch. 

Anyhow, Hatha Yoga has helped me, i hope it also helps you.

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Has Anyone Any Tips/Suggestions/Advice To Offer Me? Lower Back Pain.

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