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Hearing Aids -Battery Life - Nathos Nova

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lynbrown | 10:39 Tue 21st Nov 2023 | Body & Soul
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My husband got hearing aids a couple of months ago and is doing very well with them. However, he was told his batteries would last 2 weeks but they never last longer that 1 week.  He gets new ones free, so thats not a problem.  How long do other peoples last?



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Depends how long you have them in for each day.  1 week or 2 sometimes is about the norm.  I have had packets of them that have all been flat in the past but as you say they will give you new ones whenever you ask for them so not a problem.

It really depends on how he uses them. I just use my aids for tv in the evening and they last weeks. If used all day everyday it would be a different matter.
I presume he undoes the battery compartment each night....

I assume he takes them out at night and opens the battery compartment to turn them off. Mine last more than a fortnight.

Is your husband completely opening the battery slot when he removes them from his ears at night? (to totally disconnect the battery while the aid is not in use) Let me know, please, if I have not described this well

Depends also on the size of the battery, the tiny in-ear aids last about a week, but as said above, it depends on use.

Buying them on Amazon is best, you can compare & get the best price.

.... are they still handing them out on the NHS in the UK?

Khandro - yes, you can get free hearing aids and batteries through the NHS. I assume that if you choose a private aid you have to buy your own batteries.

This reviewer found that the batteries last about a week:

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Hearing Aids -Battery Life - Nathos Nova

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