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Heart Problems

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fruitsalad | 15:25 Thu 30th Nov 2023 | Body & Soul
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OH had a funny turn this morning, dizziness, feeling sick but not being sick, couldn't get himself up from sitting position, he was taken to hospital where they are doing a few tests, it seems it is something to do with his, heart, gp in the past has said he has a slow heartbeat, just wondering before I go up to the hospital tomorrow, if anyone has had anything similar, by the way he has had 3 or 4 of these episodes in the past, but after a lie down for an hour or 2 he seemed okay again, and we always put it down to vertigo, but obviously it wasn't that.



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Very very similar to what I have experienced in the past  - also accompanied by a lot of vomiting and what I too called vertigo - not being able to stand up.

Mine was due to a combination of things - all now being treated and I am now stable ( aged 91  ).

I do hope that all the tests that will be done give a diagnosis that will point the way to some effective treatment.

Hope all goes well and very best wishes x


My father had a very slow heartbeat (doctors had problems believing it!) and lived to nearly 97.

Vertigo is merely a symptom of several if the room was spinning around and he was feeling sick - then, yes, that is vertigo but a symptom that something isn't right. (In my case, it was caused by Meniere's Syndrome/Disease.)

I was discharged last week from CCU with similar. Diagnosis Aortic stenosis. V. Slow heart beat which stops for several seconds ooccasionally. Lungs fill up with liquid which is close to drowning. Oeadema in legs. Answer: Hopefully an artificial valve in a 32% inefficient pumping heart and a Pacemaker to kickstart the heart when it stops. I've still got a pulse just😝

How old is Mr. fruitsalad?

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He's 77 bb

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Thank you for all your input much appreciated 

I hope it's summat and nowt, as we say.

Fingers crossed for good news soon

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Thank you all,  he's never had chest pain with these funny turns, he never had chest pain today, its all very mysterious, they have him on a machine an ecg I assume, hopefully we will know more tomorrow. 

GPs tend to measure heartbeat the same way I do, with a blood pressure monitor, which isn't exactly built for the job. When I had a slow heartbeat it was because I had a regular heartbeat but every second one was weak and wasn't being picked up. (And yeah, it was making me sick.) A few hours on a proper machine should give you more info to be going on with.

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Mr Fruit is having a scan of heart today, at the moment they think a valve problem

I was diagnosed with mitral valve regurgitation after I gave my GPs nurse a fright with my very low pulse.  I take tablets but it doesn't seem to affect me.

Hope the outcome is similar for MrFruity 

My friend had something similar happen.  The medics said that he needed a pacemaker fitted.  Once that was done, everything was fine again.  

I hope that your OH has an equally simple solution available to him.

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Heart Problems

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