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Finding Chilblain Cream..

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Patsy33 | 15:48 Tue 05th Dec 2023 | Body & Soul
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I was in Superdrug a few days, and asked if they had any cream for chilblains. I was told no, I'd have to go to Pharmacy. So I went along to Boots, where there was a long queue. The woman in front was there for ages.  By the time it was my turn, the assistant said they dint stock Boots own cream anymore. I was shocked by this. Always kept a little tube of their cream in, as I used to suffer terrible with chilblains. I'd like to know I have something, just in case..I can buy some on line, but very surprised could get it in said pharmacy.



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In defence of boots pharmacy, they are the best pharmacy I have ever known. The shop is quite near me and nothing is too much effort for them to assist me should I require their services . 

When I was a kid in the Forties, my Mum aplied the pee solution to my chilblains - successfully.

Who's pee ?

Superdrug doesn't sell Balsoma anymore, I tried for it there.

I thought the wee solution was for jellyfish stings.

I use 25% urea cream too, on my feet.  Flexitol.  As far as I know it is a lab made urea and not wee, but it wouldn't bother me if it were.  It's the best thing for my horrible feet


It seems like you've had some difficulty finding chilblain cream in local stores. You can explore online options or visit a pharmacy for alternative recommendations. As for the question about using a steroid nose spray followed by a moisture spray, it's advisable to wait a few minutes between applications to allow the steroid spray to be absorbed before using the moisture spray.

Just checked my new tube  of 'Deep Heat'.  It specifically mentions 'chilblains' in its list of recommended usages.

Why don't you try ebay.? Thare are at least 69 different sellers with chilblain creams tubes, pots etc. Most with free postage.

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I'm learning a lot from these different creams, deep heat,etc. Thanks everybody.

Thanks Andre, but I don't deal with ebay.

^^^Patsy---Thats a shame because you can  get anything from ebay. 

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I think one or two of my children use ebay. I'll ask them. Thanks.

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Finding Chilblain Cream..

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