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Loss Of Appetite

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nailedit | 17:33 Wed 06th Dec 2023 | Body & Soul
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Past 3-4 days ive literally had no appetite.

Eating nothing in the day but maybe a sandwich around about 8oclock and even then its only because I know that I have to eat something, its not as though Im even hungry.

When I was in hospital last week I ate like a pig and now my appetite has just disappeared but I am drinking gallons of water though.

Anything do with having had an alcohol detox or what?

Not particularly worried at the moment as some weight loss wont go amiss, just seems a bit odd.





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Your body has just went through some major changes.  I'm sure your appetite will return soon.

Incidentally, towards the end of my drinking career I hardly ate anything.  I seemed to be living on the 'empty calories' in vodka. 

Nailed it good to see you posting hope your doing well.                                                                             Not sure of loss of appetite but give it a few days  and see how it goes.                                                   Drinking the water is very good for you maybe that is giving you the feeling of not being hungry. 

I have spells like this and one thing I find quite palatable is soup even if it's not  proper soup but something easy like Cuppa soup with, maybe some sort of cracker.

Hope this helps ........great to see your post :-))

mate, stick with it, we are rooting for you.

Hiya Nailedit, good to see you.
I suspect the fact you were 'eating like a pig' is somewhat to do with the fact you were eating in a social situation, with other people. I find I just don't want to be eating alone, and as you describe - I sometimes don't eat till 7/8pm.
Just keep going, you are doing so well :)

Drinking a lot of water is good up to a point but it does fill you up. Your tummy can only hold so much! By the way, there is such a thing as too much water and when you're full of water you're not getting goodness from anything else. Do you like soup, either tinned or even the cuppa variety with maybe a piece of toast. Keep going, it will get better. Mayne we could meet up and have a cuppa soup club at a certain time on AB, eating by yourself isn't  easy, we're made to think eating is a social activity.

I wonder if installing a trough might  be the answer. 🤣

Is it  the planning, shopping and cooking of meals that's the problem? Then why not take a visit to a local cafe or chippie? Just until you get back on track. 

Be careful that you don't drink too much water. Try the soup suggestion

Agree that too much water can fill you up, and also soup is a very good suggestion, even just a cuppa soup. But keep going, you are doing brilliantly!! x

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Loss Of Appetite

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