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Why Do People Grow Intolerant With Age?

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alyxowl | 16:40 Fri 22nd Dec 2023 | Body & Soul
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Not to generalise but my parents have definitely very adverse to the world.  For example the weather is always 'awful', the tv channels are 'awful' and if there's more than a 2 minute wait on the phone to speak to someone then their service is 'awful'. 

I heard my dad grab a packet of crisps from the cupboard just now and heard him moan 'uhh bloody hell no f****** roast beef'. He walked back to the lounge with the second best bag of crisps and when I looked a minute later his face was still stuck in a despair grimicing mode with his teeth showing. It seemed to be all because he couldn't get his flavour. 

I believe if the world was perfect he would still be like this. 




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what OG said!

... PICK ... ... DOWNWARD ...

All true Geezer but you forgot having dhead kids to top it all. 

Hormones...or lack of them.

Barry 1010 said hit the nail on the head. 


As an octogenarian I blame mother nature who mocks the elderly when the body slows down..

souns as tho the  whole famly like whining about something

Aches and pains, general decrepitude, Mr Mouse doesn't come out to play anymore, where to begin?

But apart from that, OG, is everything ok? 😊

I agree with Untitled but I think it's also a matter of perspective.  If you have a busy working life and you are dealing with problems, the fact that it takes ages for someone to answer the phone etc is a big deal.  If you have nothing much to do and your horizons shrink then little things become big things.

I meant to say, if you have a busy working life, it 'Isn't' a big deal.

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Why Do People Grow Intolerant With Age?

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