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Lost And Lonely

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Thisoldbird | 00:27 Sun 07th Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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A bit of a ramble ..18 months ago I lost the love of my life after 63 years happily married. 

I am totally lost without him and miss him 24/7. 

We led a happy busy life always out and about in our retirement, lunches, visiting friends, entertaining friends etc until his health gradually failed.

Even then we were busy with many medical type carers in and out daily. 

Once he passed my life became pretty stagnant. I no longer drive, my mobility very poor so only get out if I picked up or use a taxi. 

Most of our friends have either passed or like myself unable to get out much. 

I used to enjoy baking but no point just for me. 

I had a mobility scooter but gave it up when so many cars and vans park on footpaths. 

I have a pass to use a mobility scooter in town but haven't used it as I can't carry any shopping. 

Consequently I'm stuck at home seeing very few people. Family message or txt, the occasional phone call..I have no children, our only son passed away during covid. 

I go to bed late get up late and waste most of the day..seldom watch tv as my hearing is poor due to tinnitus. I have hearing aids. I'm so lonely and isolated. 

If yours till reading, any ideas to fill my time, Please. 




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Please DO bother friends and relatives, they might surprise you.

Whem a couple,who I call "My Angels" put me in touch with a network of their friends,I thought I would be regarded as a nuisance to them?

Not a bit of it.

I realised that in life there is nobody that has not been touched by grief,and so will reach out and help you to cope with it.

I am still grieving for my partner,and I am still numb from his sudden unexpected death.However,I have received a lot of love,comfort and hope here at AB,and from new friends in person locally which helped me to carry on.

The internet is a wonderful place,to reach out and find help, support and comfort.

If I(personally) can help you,just ask.I love surfing the net,and will find sites/people/ways for you if you want.

I am still suffering,but by helping you I help myself too.

Just ask.

These quotes helped me,no matter how cliched they may seem, they are comforting?

Hi Gordon - delighted to see you've reached out to this old bird, that is so kind of you when your own grief is still so new, but you've made giant strides in such a short time and gained so much in friendship and help.

I'm sure she will take heart from your success and reach out to what is available near to hand....I wish you both all the very best xx skz


Take my hand,and we can go on this journey together.

There's an offer you can't refuse TOB.  xx


I can only echo what all these lovely ABers have written to you.  I do have a husband fortunately who is very good to me, but after a very busy rewarding life I am now almost house bound with health and mobility issues.  And we live quite remotely in the country.  I also have a son locally who is great, but also busy in a very demanding job, often away from home and I don't want to burden him with my problems. His wife should be his priority!  To be honest ì now have quite extreme mental health problems due to a dreadful 2023 spent mostly in bed due to health problems.  My husband is my unpaid carer!  My best friend lives in Spain and I have no other relatives near.  They are scattered all over the Uk overseas.  

Enough about me.  This post is about you - and Gordon, bless him, is a great example to follow, so please look in at his posts.  He also has a good sense of humour.  

Please keep posting.  There's always someone about night and day if you want a chat.  Don't feel alone.

Wherevabouts are you? but dont give outbyour address or phone number.  There are ways we can talk privately to people on this site which any of us can explain.

I'm known as Lottie on here. Xx





I've met you haven't I? So sorry that your life's partner has died. I wish you well

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Lost And Lonely

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