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Clinical Trial Part Two

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Vagus | 19:04 Mon 22nd Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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Sooooo, I spent three and a half hours being assessed, questioned and examined, by a doctor and a nurse. Most of that time was answering in depth questions about my health..past and present.

I had blood taken, had to sign numerous disclaimers, agree to my GP being informed, ticked the boxes about my info being used in other trials if I wanted, which I did.

I was deemed suitable for the trial (which was in its third stage) so was given a jab. Waited 30 mins in case I had a reaction and then left, with a rather nice amount paid into my bank account (this is not advertised and I had no idea I would be paid when I signed up).

I will be closely monitored for three months. It was all very, very interesting.



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she walks among us!

.... and you don't even know if you're actual or placebo - a bit too spooky for me I think, but the money must be nice 😋


Good luck !



Do you know what was injected into you?

Thanks for the catch up.  Do you know what you are being trialled for, what health problem it will help? 

Question Author

No, Tilly, I don't know if it's a placebo or the real vaccine, it's a blind trial. There is a way, if necessary, of someone to be able to find out which I had. If I'm admitted to hospital, for whatever reason, I have to tell them I'm on this trial and the hospital will be notified which one I've had.

Yes, Barry, I know, which is why my GP put me forward for it.

Question Author

I think I must have had the sore arm, no nothing really, mind you, they did say give it six days.

When questioned,the doctor also said if I do get any reaction then it's likely I've been given the vaccine. The only reaction I've ever had, to any jab, is a sore arm, and a bit of an unwell feeling after the Covid jabs.

I was hoping I'd get the vaccine 😏

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Clinical Trial Part Two

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