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Reveal Device

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fruitsalad | 14:48 Thu 25th Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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OH has to have a reveal device fitted, how do they read the results



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//if these abnormal rhythms are detected, a recording will be made on the device and will be automatically sent to Addenbrooke's Hospital via your home monitor//.

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I see, that's what I needed to know if he has a monitor somewhere, is that easy to set up, or does someone do that for you?

Strangely enough I had a pacemaker fitted yesterday. I was given an option when I was in the recovery room to have a device that was plugged in to the mains and sits on my bedside cabinet.It talks to the pacemaker and relays any problems with it to a central Pacing control room. I assume we are talking about the same thing. ? 

Having read Chris's link it looks like a similar set up. I haven't got mine yet but am told it will be delivered by courier within the next five days.

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His letter says it has been recommended that an insertion of a reveal device be fitted in order to record any arrhythmia he may be having.

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So not sure if this is the same, as a pacemaker retro, it doesn't exactly use the word pacemaker in the letter he's received.

Well I suppose I did have arrythmia and certainly amongst a lot more. Atrial Fibrillation.My heart regularly stopped ( they prefer to say paused) for 6 seconds.If it was 7 secs they say I would be flat on my face. My pacemaker was to stop it pausing.

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Reveal Device

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