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Weird Jittery Shakes Seemingly Whenever I Use My Stomach Muscles!

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joko | 01:39 Tue 06th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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(I was just about to call for Sqad ☹ )

For a little while ive noticed that quite often when i, say, step over something, the extra muscle being used in my tum, waist area, causes my leg to shake & judder & i cant properly control it.

I can stop the shake if force myself to relax all muscles - like pause, breathe out and let shoulders drop - that kind of thing.
but in the normal course of the day, i dont feel like im weirdly tensed up, but even if i was, how could it be causing this?

It doesnt happen all the time, but its a lot, but ive not been able to narrow down anything that could be causing it.

the level of judder varies but sometimes it even sort of jolts my leg upwards to where my calf & foot shoots up too high, & for a split second i feel like im going to fall over because the leg i intended to be infront of me to take my weight is not there.
there have been times its been quite extreme & went on way too long - before i discovered the full body relax thing.
im fine when im sitting or standing, its just with movement.
I do sometimes get a milder shake in my arms/hands that only shows up when im moving my hands, as soon as i stop, my hands are dead still.
any ideas of a pathway for me to google?
obviously shaking is a symptom/side effect of lots of things, but with my specifics its been hard to find anything.

Obviously i will see the doc at some point but in the meantime id like to try to find out what it could be.

thanks :)





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Unlikely to get an answern this late - and it will drop off latest posts soon probably - I suggest you "bump' it later on this morning.


Or you could try the NHS help line(111 I think), it might be well-known within the medical profession.



Parkinson's? See the doc.

//Motor symptoms affect your movement and balance. They include tremor, stiffness and slowness of movement. //

My immediate thought on reading your post was that you may have a trapped nerve that 'triggers' your leg when you use certain muscles but reading that your hands are also affected changed my mind.

Hopefully it is something easily identifiable that can be sorted once and for all but if it is the start of a more serious condition early treatment might slow down the progress or nip it in the bud entirely.

You are right to see your GP, don't put it off.   

My inexpert thought was it was probably a squeezed nerve. 


If it has been going on for a while then no harm in getting a diagnosis.

Joke.  Am I right in thinking you have EDS/hypermobility?    This  could account for it.  

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Weird Jittery Shakes Seemingly Whenever I Use My Stomach Muscles!

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