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Another Question Again

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JinnyJoan | 19:04 Sat 10th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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I called over to see sister today and she appeared to be upset.  She didn't tell me anything about this but she had to get a Vabysmo injection into her eye last Wednesday and she said when she received the injection she said she felt two injections and they were like two red pokers - the pain was terrible.

Now I can say that sister is fairly good with stuff but I told her I would contact yourselves and see what you say.  As some of you have had this injection.

She says it was so painful she will not go back for another one if she has to.  I read the pamphlet and it was very detailed and it did say it was one injection and absolutely painless - a little bit of pressure that was all she should have felt.

They did say she was very nervous.

I would like your opinions please as I am nervous for her.  Thanks



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jj I have had regular injections for Age Related   Macula Degeneration  for 14 years.  I don't know what the treatment is that your sister is having but for it to be so painful is surely something she should speak to the doctor about.  Anaesthetic drops are put in before the procedure.  Was she left for too long so that the effectiveness wire off ? She must tell the doctor about this.  Poor lady x


Speaking to a 92years old friend last week who had this injection recently and she said it was really painful.  

That's awful andres - I also am nearly 92 and it's  not the nicest thing in the world to have eye injections but I'm so sorry your friend found it to be so painful.  As I've said  - I've had them for many years.



Rosie^^^ thanks. She has to have more treatment so I'll try to put her mind at ease with your reply. I will ask her whether she had anaesthetic drops first.

I do hope she has a better experience next time.

^^^thank you.  JJ-- I hope that your sister is alright now.

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thank you guys for your answers - she'll be over tomorrow for her din din.  I am doing potatoes, brussells sprouts and frying ham - she ate brussell sprouts at Christmas for the first time in her life so this will be her second time.  


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Another Question Again

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