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Well, They Ask You Not To Go To A&E, So I Didn't, Then I Had To..

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jourdain2 | 23:08 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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See G.P. not A&E the mantra. So I did just that re my very painful hip.  (Previous Question)

On Sunday morning I moved inadvisedly, trying to get out of bed, and huge pain resulted in my daughter taking me to Scarborough A&E at lunchtime. Triage rushed me onto a trolley in the corridor at A&E.  An X-ray confirmed that the liner on my r-hip had torn away from the bone even more. 'Water only' was written on my notes in expectation of an op. that night or on Monday.  At midnight I was allowed a tuna sandwich.  I was kept on morphine for the pain, but remained on the trolley in the main corridor until morning (back to nil by mouth of course).  Could not sleep, not a lot of fun, but staff wonderful although consultant evening before had been brusque.

Mid-morning consultant arrived, trailing student doctors with clip-boards. He shook hands and informed me that because I had tried to go through GP and they had booked an appt. for me with Osteology at Brid. on 26th Feb. - he was going to treat me as 'elective' and send me home. No further pain-relief was offered but I had to wait for a physio - who gave me a foot-loop to lift my R.leg with.

Consultant also said, as he turned away, that 'it needs sticking back somehow, they have better kit at Bridlington'.  I deduce that he didn't know how to fix it.  He added that 'they'll need to know the type of replacement, some sort of reference no.' I'd told him that it was done 20 years ago in France.  How do I provide that, please?  I told him I couldn't walk - that's when he said he'd send the physio.

Everyone I know thinks that this treatment is terrible - so do I.

Any ideas anyone.  Too exhausted, shocked and upset to ring GP today, I'll do so tomorrow.





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Hymie, maybe not the place, we all hope J gets some better care.As for the NHS it is in dire trouble.

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So true .

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Merci retrocop et al.  I've been speaking to my GPs today and they have told me to increase the painkillers I already have.  I put out a plea on our village facebook page and people have come up with a wheeled walker for me and an ajustible hospital walking-stick, to add to my stick, which means I can at least get around the house. A village community can offer such strong support - so many people saying they are out shopping and do I need something.  Wonderful.

It's scary if I get up at night to go to the loo though because MrJ2 is stone deaf without his aids & my muscles don't work.

Brid. hospital sent me a letter, which arrived today, postponing my 26th Feb. appointment because of lack of personnel - which I think means that  they are on strike, so I now have to wait until March 5th.  The surgery think that this is the quickest I shall get, although they considered a private hospital in York paid for on the NHS.

Looks as if I am in for a very long haul.  They would like to know the reference number of the prosthesis which I have.  I'll trawl through the small number of papers which I have, but I'm fairly sure that I did not keep a 'Discharge letter' - in fact I don't think they did them.   I'll ring my GP in France - if she's still there!

Under pressure  from elder daughter to ring 111 - she has a friend who works  in the NHS and who says that they have a lot more power than a GP. I would feel rather bad about doing that - going over GP's head. 

Thank you to all who have sent such good wishes and ideas.  I'll work my way through them.  Another problem is that, in effect, I am Mr J2's Carer (not that he'd accept that for a minute) so things are a bit difficult at home.  I'll have a bash at all your ideas.  

The NHS really is 3rd world isn't it?

Question Author

Grrrr!  'adjustable'

Have you been told to walk around or would it be better to rest. Just worried that if you are taking a lot of painkillers that you might relieve the pain but do more harm by walking around. 

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No-one has said anything about that, Andres.  I am wiggling my feet around and lifting my leg from a seating position as much as I can.  I think I am getting slightly stronger on that & will keep it up.

I'm worried about muscle-wastage if I don't keep going.  If I don't keep them in a decent state then there will be no support when I do get a repair job done.  (Phisio did recommend keeping feet & ankles going.)

Unfortunately I have pulled a muscle in my left side (just under the ribs) because of overusing my body to move my leg!

The joys, oh the joys of life!

I can understand having to keep moving in one sense but I was thinking about your damaged hip and extra pressure on it. Take care xx

Jourdain, please  contact 111, that is service you require when gp unavailable, unless you think you can wait until March, that's a long time . 

You're right Jourdain, the NHS is like a third world country. I feel so upset for you. I hope you can hang on till your next appointment. Wishing you all the best. X

Ring 111 preferably in the early hours. This is not the time for principles about going over your GPs head, the priority is getting you the treatment you are genuinely in need of as soon as possible.

Ring 111 and plead your case, you are in unbearable pain, helpless, dependant on others for your basic needs and you can no longer cope.

Enough is enough.

Question Author

Again, thank you all - you have stiffened a rather flabby resolve.  🙂

Barry, why should J wait until the early hours ?

quicker response perhaps, anne? I had occasion to ring them after midnight recently, got through straight away and was called back by a doctor in 10 minutes. I wouldn't swear this is true round the clock.

Yes, quicker response

Possibly jno . 

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Well, They Ask You Not To Go To A&E, So I Didn't, Then I Had To..

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