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Question For Diabetics

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Scarlett | 23:19 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | Body & Soul
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Over the years, I have become borderline diabetic, changed my diet and reversed it, and now I'm seemingly back up there again. 
i've cut out carbs and sweet food, which is what I did last time. But I've noticed I need to wee all the time, and I'm getting up twice in the night. I take a lot of supplements with water, and it seems to go straight through me. Do you think this is caused by diabetes? I don't have other symptoms like thirst. 



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Barsel, I dare not let up on my diet although I do eat fruit as well now.

Ah, the Statins. My GP has been trying to get me on them for years, but I read they were not recommended for people with liver disease and as I have had NAFLD for many years now, I said I wouldn't take them. 

I am thinking of getting a referral to see a dietician as my Cholesterol is 6.1 my blood sugars are creeping up, and of course, the NAFLD which I feel could be sorted with the right diet. Oh, and I'm about 2 stone overweight. I'm doomed I tell you.😅

I only eat toast with a soft poached egg so it isn't dry and I have got used to sandwiches without butter or spread. I have always hated mayo.  I eat one slice of bread every 10 days or so.


Barry, I think the bread may have to go.

I only eat wholemeal granary bread, but I have noticed before when I give it up that I do tend to lose a bit of weight.

Or, perhaps I should try to eat less of it.

I wouldn't hesitate to take statins with NAFLD - my GP was aware of my liver when he prescribed them and all was good.

Depends whether you trust your GP or not. You could try them on condition you have regular blood tests.

What do you eat with your bread and just how much do you eat?  Do you have garlic bread with pasta, naan with curry and rice, bread and butter with fish and chips?  

Yes, I do have Garlic bread with Spag bol, but I haven't bought any this week although it's one of my favourites. Don't eat curry or any spicy foods like chilli and stopped eating fish and chips a while ago (another favourite) but no, I didn't eat b and b with it.

Today my sandwich was chicken on granary and usually, I would have butter and garlic mayo on it, but I bought some Benecol buttery (ridiculous price) and had that on my bread.

I've already given up some foods, but I'm sure I could still make some improvements.

Hi, I've pre diabetes, too. I'm looking to improve my diet. I didn't think I was that bad, to be honest. I've been eating smaller meals for ages. Any tips or advice would be welcome.

Hi Patsy, I think someone like Barry would be the one to help you. Can you start a thread FAO Barry and ask him for some tips? He seems to eat a healthy diet.

Thanks Barsel. Barry is very helpful and informative.

My cholesterol is a bit high too. 6.7. More bad than good HDL. I've been recommended statins, but I have low blood pressure. My antidepressants can make cholestral shoot up. So, not sure what to do

That's interesting Patsy that your antidepressants make your cholesterol go high.

I'm on them as well, so I'll check the leaflet.

Do you mind if I ask how old you are? I don't think anyone will come back to this thread to see. I've heard it isn't worth going on them when you are 70, and I was 77 last November, so with that and my liver problem, I've managed to refuse the statins and my GP is ok with that.

Hi Barsel, sorry I've taken so long to reply, only seen this late last night. Been quite busy today, too. 😀

Yes, on my information sheet, that comes with antidepressants, (mine, Venlafaxine) it does say about causing high cholestral. Last time I had it checked, some years ago,  although quite high, I had more good than bad hdl?. So, I have to work on my diet! I thought I was..I am a bit over weight, but look quite good for my age.(68) Plus I've been told, I'm prediabetic. Also, my kidneys are a bit under par, so with a this, I have been recommended statins. My blood pressure is low, which goes in my favour, as with CKD, people usually have high blood pressure. Anyway, I said I'd think a out taking them, as I already take 3 lots of pills..🙂

Patsy...this site may be of interest regarding food and diabetes. I've been told by several diabetics that it is very up UK date in respect to research on diabetes. There is also a forum if you are interested.

Thank you very much, Pasta. I'll have a read 😀

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Question For Diabetics

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