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Help In Hospital Visiting

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Ch49 | 09:50 Sun 03rd Mar 2024 | Body & Soul
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Last November my husband suffered a severe stroke and was in Carlisle Infirmary until last week. I went and visited him every day and arrangements were being made to transfer him to a rehab place somewhere in Carlisle. However when I went to visit him last Monday I was informed that he was being transferred to a rehab hospital in Penrith that evening. Well Penrith is twenty odd miles away and it worried me how I could visit him. I went to see him the next day and although the hospital is wonderful I still have the problem of how reach him every day. I don't drive so am relying on friends. It is a 40 mile round trip so I have been offering £10 to anyone who would be kind enough to take me. There is a bus which runs once an hour and takes about an hour to reach Penrith. To catch this bus means a walk of approximately a quar5er of a mile - some of it uphill. I am 75 years of age andvI don't think I  could manage this every day especially when I  have laundry to carry.

Is there any help I can get to ease this in any way ?



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Contact Age UK.  They often keep lists of organisations or volunteers who help in these situations.  Good luck.

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Many thanks 

If there is a branch of The Royal Voluntary Service in Carlisle, they may help in providing transport.

Also contact the Patient and Liaison Service (PALS) for your NHS Trust and ask for advice and help in getting your husband moved to rehab closer to home

Here's the link. Hope you find sone help and that he is home soon.

Question Author

Thank you all

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Help In Hospital Visiting

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