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Bladder Cancer. Post Op' Problems

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grandpajoe | 21:45 Sun 03rd Mar 2024 | Body & Soul
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During Jan and Feb I had two operations for bladder cancer. The initial examination was unpleasant but it revealed some tumors on the lining of my bladder. I have since undergone two op's to remove them. As far as I know all has been a success but what is not nice at all is the fact that I have been rendered bladder incontinent!!! It.s effing horrible and have been told by a sister in eurology that I must practice "Pelvic Floor Exercises" so that I can control my bladder BUT I cannot control it. I wear incontinence nappies which is no problem to me. (Rather nappies than cancer!) Has anyone out there become proficient at the exercises, has anyone given up on them and just rely on the pants. Can I look forward to a drier future or am i stuck in this catch 22 dilema???  Chris 78 year old"bed wetter!"



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Can your local hospital direct you to a 'Gentlemen's Club', such as the one which operates in my own area?
(The classes used to be held at a physical location but I see that they're now offered over Zoom).

People I've known, who've joined in with those classes, seem to have found the group setting very supportive and they've appreciated the help of the course leaders in ensuring that they've been doing the exercises properly.

I wish I coulod help, but I'm not a bloke.  However, I wanted to say that 'pelvic floor exercises' are thrown at women almost all their lives (having babies wreaks havoc). They do get easier and they do help so I would stick with them. Good luck!

Sounds like you are determined to stay incontinent rather than do some simple exercises.

What have you got to lose?

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You are correct John and I am going to have to learn the execises! I hope I can stick at it mate and thanks for the well timed  bollocking!!! Much needed and i hope I can do it justice!!1  C J   

Are the retraining badder exercises simple ? 
good luck.

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Bladder Cancer. Post Op' Problems

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