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Should I Get A Tattoo?

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emily1890 | 16:35 Mon 11th Mar 2024 | Body & Soul
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so, I really want to get a tattoo on my arm. I have wanted one for.. well, many years- it will be my first


my big question is, how much does it hurt?. I don't feel I handle pain well, and I definitely don't like needles (I was the girl at school always avoiding the flu jab)


that aside, I think I'm reasonably still, and also reasonably patient, so wouldn't have any trouble sittting there I don't think


thoughts?. perhaps those who have had them can share your experiences?



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Have one if you want one, it can only be your decision


Should you get a tattoo ? Depends on whether you have good taste, or a desire to mutilate yourself. Your choice.

Don't do it! It's not some short term fashion item that you can discard.

It's there for life, but it will slowly go fuzzy as if it is out of focus.

get loads of tattoos - release your inner Maori!

face is a good place to start IMV


We were watching the Flyball competition at Cruft's over the weekend. The man refereeing the competion was wearing a nice 3-piece suit they did, however, show pictures of him a few years ago when he was a competitor and had very bright-coloured hair. I said to my wife "Hair grows out, tattoos don't".

Get one that washes off.

what tattoo are you thing of (for starters)?

If you do get one have it placed high up on your arm so that a short sleeve would cover it.

They can be removed but that costs a great deal of money.

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A/B crossed out my word!   :):):)

It doesn't hurt, just sort of tingles, like a nail brush scratching the skin.

I had one done in Albuquerque New Mexico by a guy called 'Bigjohn', if you're in town go to him. 😃

Mine is of a Buddhist, auspicious symbol, a wheel. It was to cover a 4cm circular birthmark on my thigh.

Why am I telling you all this personal stuff? - 'cos I'm waiting for something to dry in my studio ! 

You should think veryk carefully about a choice that will remain with you for life.

If you do decide to have a tattoo, avoid any tattooist who takes 'walk in' customers.

I am advised by people who know about these things, that any tatooist worth engaging will have an appointment book and a waiting list.

Do it.

Ive been considering getting one along my pointy finger for some time, something which is very personal to me. I may yet pluck up the courage 🙂

I think this question is really only for those who have one to answer and describe if it hurts. I wouldn't have a tattoo if you paid me but I was brought up in a different era.

The same as Prudie.  Infra dig.

If you do that, Vagus, everyone will ask you about it and it will no longer be quite so personal.   If you must do it, have somewhere only those close to you will see it

It hurts a lot, especially in the wallet area.

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Should I Get A Tattoo?

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