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How Long Does It Take For Your Libido To Return To Normal After Quitting Antipsychotics?

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omarsolom | 20:35 Fri 15th Mar 2024 | Body & Soul
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Hi, i'm 39M from Egypt, I've been taking an antipsychotic called Dogmatil for about a year or so, and of course these kind of medicines kills the libido, anyway, i stopped it gradually and now i'm not using for about 2 weeks, my libido is back like before but i noticed something, when i ejacul*te, the sperm amount is okay but the ejacul*tion itself is not strong, i mean it doesn't have force when it comes our like before, do you think it's still the effect of the medicine i took and it'll return to normal after a while, any thoughts?



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Ask your doctor?


I don't think we need to hear this

Smurfchops, not a very helpful answer. 

Question Author

Guys, if you don't have nothing to say, just move on with your lives.

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And then people are wondering why AB is dying.

I would just ask your doctor  - he will be best to advise you on how long the drugs effects stay in your system. Good luck.

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I had a reasonable answer asking for more info which seems to have been removed. Ah well, I'll not bother to follow it up.

Lol, a click happy Mod on duty.

Well done!!

I Think it will return to normal after a short while

No wonder AB is going the way it is.

First of all are you stopping the antipsychotics on medical advice or is it your own decision?.   Normally they are a lifetime requirement.  The libido issue is secondary to your  treatment of lack of it and a physician should be able to advise you.  

here it is

My thoughts are that you should ergister with a GP and then get a referral to a psychiatrist who can adviseon this. I do not think you should change your doses without medical supevisire

in general I would have thought antipsychotics need to be taken under supervision. I can't answer your question, but I wouldn't be changing a dosage without checking first with the person who prescribed them.

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How Long Does It Take For Your Libido To Return To Normal After Quitting Antipsychotics?

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