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Maydup | 01:43 Tue 26th Mar 2024 | Body & Soul
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The GP receptionist phoned to offer Mr M a spring booster Covid vaccination. They're being offered to over 75's and vulnerable people. 

But she only had one date to offer and we're away. She suggested he find a walk in facility or a pharmacy but offered no details . Clearly only interested in collecting their NHS payments per jab rather than vaccinating their patients!

we can't find any details online. All roads lead to the NHS website or app, but there's no booking process.

Has anyone here been called? Can anyone find any info for him about where to go for the booster?



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I can't find anything to say they've announced any dates at all yet. Maybe your GP's just trying to rustle up advance business.

The NHS website was useless last autumn. It listed local chemists who did walk-ins - and not one of them I tried did.  And when I eventually found one, not on the list, she refused me because I wasn't the right age. (I was.)

Hard to believe this shambles is still going on. Good luck anyway.

Question Author

The date offered by GP was toward the end of April; so not so far away. 

We'll have another look around after Easter maybe.

Word of mouth seems to be the more reliable source of info! 

They will have limited stocks and will probably want to get it done in a short fixed period so they can arrange a room and any temp staff.

It's unfortunate you're away then but you can only look around. 

I can find the booking system on the nhs app.

There's also details of walking in centres

Invitations to book the specific one you want, spring booster for over 75s, will be sent out from April 2024 so your GP was just planning ahead. You need to wait to be invited.

The NHS app is helpful.

Just think about it - I had a spring booster two years ago and then went down with long covid. I don't know whether it was the booster but....

i haven't had any more boosters since and have still got long covid. Not saying it caused it was the Moderna one.

Question Author

The issue is that he was invited but can't make the one date offered. 

Neither the NHS site or their app offers details of walk in options or bookings.

I'll check again after Easter.  

Question Author

Sorry to hear that Helly; thankfully neither of us have had any adverse affects after any of the various Covid jabs. 


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