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JinnyJoan | 11:20 Sat 13th Apr 2024 | Body & Soul
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As you know I broke two toes in August last year and they have being coming along ie not excruciatin pain.

However many years ago I was sitting in stationary traffic when an articulated didn't "see me down below him" crashed in to my side - forcing me to crash in front and that car hit the car in front too.  

Anyway whether it is the rain I am taking very pain in that foot from instep to ankle.

Anybody suggest a good support for that foot.  thanks



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You need to speak to a profession, Jenny.  A support could do more harm than good if it is supporting the wrong part or forcing your foot in to the wrong position when you put weight on it.  

What is good for my foot problem might be very different to what you need.

Over the years I have found massaging with comfrey (knitbone) ointment good for this sort of problem.

JJ I can't remember if you saw someone at the time about your foot, but see your GP if you can who should refer you to a foot specialist who will make sure you get the support you need.

It's not unusual to have pain in an old bone injury site in wet weather. Any type of support needs to be correct for the area. Do you have a good medical supplier specialist near you. A good osteopath or physio should be able to advise you or your doctor if you can get an appointment


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just a follow up as I read of Ladybirder's experience.  The pain in my foot was still the same so I took myself to the hospital on Monday - I had to make an appointment, anyway had an x-ray and I have stress fracture in my baby toe (never heard of that) .  They gave me an ankle boot which is a ton weight.  

I have to go back in two weeks time for another x-ray to see if the boot has helped.

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