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TopCat1 | 12:54 Tue 14th Mar 2006 | Body & Soul
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Can anyone help me. For 4-5 days now, I've been getting a really weird sensation around/above the area of my mouth, its almost like a gentle burning/tingling feeling. Its not sore, and there is absolutely nothing there, but it is starting to worry me.

I don't have a mustache, and haven't been holding any snog a thons lately, its not something I have EVER experienced before or known of. Can anyone out there give me some reassurance.




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it could be bell's palsy - a sort of facial paralysis- go to the doc and get it checked- now!!
or maybe a cold sore starting. Herpes lies under the skin everywhere on the body and not just around the lips.
I agree with alie - best go to your GP.Those symptoms can indicate an allergy - have you been taking medication?It could also be the start of a cold sore which contrary to common myth is not just on your lips - I've seen some toppers in the area you describe.Dont think it will be anything drastic but your GP is the one to see.

Great minds happy - dont you just love crossed posts:)

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Hi Thanks for your answers and time. I will make an appointment for Doctors.

Don't think its a cold sore, as I usually develop them within a day of a tingle, and there is always a discolouring/lump with it. Although, it does have the same tingling kinda feeling which is weird.

Thanks again

It could be an allergy of some sort TopCat1. Have you changed your soap,shower gel etc? I had Bells Palsy alietrace and though my face on the affected side was completely numb I had no tingling at all plus, the affected side of the face drops or droops so speech is impaired,numb tongue,ear and head pain are also effects of BP,however a trip to your doc Topcat1 would'nt go amiss just to be on the safe side.

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