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sugar and shakey

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tamirra | 17:38 Sat 19th Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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Could you help me with this medical prob, my son of 17 is just over 6` tall, eats very well, but occasionally becomes very tired and shakes quite bad until he eats something sugary then the feeling subsides, we have checked him for diabetes , its not that, what else could it be? thankyou.


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Something is obviously causin h is blood-sugar to drop, hence the hypoglycemic symptoms ... get him to the GP and have some blood tests done. There's several reasons for low blood-sugar.
Does he eat regualr and does it have to be something sugary?
I get a similar condition if I forget to eat but I find any kind of food intake will kill the symptons.
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yes he eats all the time. x
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Tamirra - he is a growing lad and will need constant fuellling. Try to make sure he eats plenty of slow release carbs. Brown bread, brown rice, wholewheat pasta and wholegrains. Things like porridge oats are great for maintaining blood sugar levels throughout the morning. Best to get the doc to rule out anything more sinister though. Good luck Amara xx
I agree with Amara.

Must make sure he is keeping his carbs up! Mr P gets like this when he comes home from work (or sometimes onn the way home). If dinner is still cooking I make sure he has a sandwich ready.

Sugar may not be the best thing for your son as it is a 'quick fix'. Does he like fruit? a good supply of fruit and/or nuts will keep his energy levels up and constant.
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Thankyou everyone, he passed out today at the train station, going to get him checked out tomorrow. Thankyou for all your advise though. xxx

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sugar and shakey

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