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sue11 | 17:29 Sat 19th Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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Hello all, I wonder if you could give me your opinions on whether this friendship is worth saving? My friend and I go back over 20 years, we have never been that close but usually managed to see each other every 2 to 3 weeks. Then since I have started my own business about 3 years ago, we seem to have slowly been growing apart, due to I think a change of lifestyle. The last few times we have seen each other have been prompted by my calls to her. Now we are going at least a couple of months before meeting up and I felt I had to push for us to meet the last time. This last time, I have called her, offered to meet up and she said she would call me back this week to arrange a get together. It is now Saturday and she has not done so. If this was you, would you call it a day on the friendship or would you try again to call? I feel that I should not let 20 years of friendship go down the drain, but perhaps she does want to end the friendship and therefore I am being a nuisance by calling her all the time? Or perhaps she has simply forgotten and I should just call to remind her, although she is normally pretty reliable on times etc. What do you all think?


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Just do what I do and send her the odd text message asking how she is etc!

I drifted apart from my best friend after 10 years and that's what I do, it's sad though that a longstanding friendship drifts apart but it's a sad part of life!

Good luck!
it may be that she has something wrong in her life that she is not willing to let you know about but she knows if u get together she will tell you.
sue11 - Has she got an email address? She may have a problem with you over something, she might find it easier telling you in an email or by text. It may be an idea to leave her alone for a bit & see if she gets back in touch. It may be that you have done nothing at all wrong, just that both your lifestyles have changed so much it has become difficult to see you on such a regular basis, perhaps suggest three monthly get togethers & see what she says?
I agree with kate,dont keep doing the running,leave it a while then send a text later on saying hi,she knows your number,leave it and see!
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Many thanks, I think the fact that she has not contacted me is very telling! I agree with your views and will leave her to make the contact, then perhaps I may text with a simple reminder (as I do not have her email), just to let her know that I am still alive. Then it is up to her.
Many thanks for all the responses.
Cheers Sue

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