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Reducing High Blood Pressure

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canasta | 13:48 Wed 29th Aug 2007 | Body & Soul
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have seen an advert for a device called RESPERATE which is supposed to reduce blood pressure. Has anyone tried this? I am taking amlodipine and have side effects,does anyone else?


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One of my sisters has high blood pressure. She looked into this product and decided that spending nearly �200 on this gadget would be a waste of money. She asked her GP about it and he said all it did was monitor breathing exercises. Also, my sister started off on a drug which had nasty side effects. She now takes a medicine called Perindopril (marketed as Coversyl). She started with 2 weeks on 4mg per day and since then has been prescribed 8mg per day. She has no side effects and her BP is a lot lower.Ask your GP about changing your prescription to another drug. Her GP's surgery has a hypertension clinic and they gave her the usual advice about stopping smoking/losing weight/eating less salt. She is now fitter than she has been for years.
Good luck.
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Thanks for your replies

I�ve had raised blood pressure for past 16 years, history with both parents so Doctor thinks it�s a genetic predisposition.

No salt for cooking or eating since then except for scant sprinkle on rare occasion I have chips!! I�m not overweight and never have been, fortunately.

Tried several medications before this one. I was very happy with the one I took before this but 24 hour monitor showed it wasn�t long lasting enough as the readings at night were much higher than they should have been. Hospital suggested changing to this one and I am well controlled on it.

The whites of my eyes are going yellow which is a side effect. Liver function test is �normal�. I don�t want to discuss other side effects.

My GP is happy for me to try RESPERATE device and if it lowers my BP to try without the medication under medical supervision.

I�ve found a couple of links to the device on the net one of which appears to be from a news station in the US endorsing the benefits but wondered if anyone on AB has tried this for themselves and benefited from using it.

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Reducing High Blood Pressure

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