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Job is getting me down

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MiniN | 12:28 Tue 22nd Jul 2008 | Body & Soul
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this is complicated so I'll keep it short.

I hate my job. I'm not doing what I was hired (7months ago) to do. Spoke to the boss several times about this - no change. I'm not perfect at my job as I have received no training and I'm pretty much trying to make do. I hate feeling bad at my job.

Problem is the money is good and I'm planning to emmigrate soon (next couple of months).

its really getting me down and I know all my colleagues want to leave too.

do you have any words of wisdom to help me through the never-ending day?


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just quit then
Question Author
as I'm emmigrating soon I need the ��� and I won't be able to find a job that pays this well anywhere else.
stop winging and get on with it then ffs. What is the point of winging? Loads of ppl hate their job. just get on with it.
Just come here and have a chat in the chatterbank and answer peoples random and sometimes ridiculous questions with even more ridiculous answers helps many of us 'reguars' on here to get through the day.. and think of the money and the country that awaits and how you are gaining skills in endurance.
Ohhhhhhh I get paid a fortune to do crap in my job. I dont enjoy it but I cant quite it because I am going to follow my dreams in a few months and emmigrate. Ohhh poor me.

Get a grip
If you are planning to emmigrate soon,then I think you will have to try to make the best of it hun. You really don't need the upheaval of going into a new job at this stage,and at least you have some financial security with this one. Is there any chance you can get training while you are still on the job? Have you inquired about this?
It sounds like you may be best to stick it out if you possibly can. if your employer knows you are leaving he may be reluctant to give you training when, from his perspective, for such a short return.
I think your best idea is to have a heart to heart with your boss. Explain you want to your best whilst you are with him, certainly you dont want to make any ****- ups, what can he do to help achieve this.
Good luck
Question Author
thanks for the helpful comments. I know not everyone likes their jobs.

I wish I could get training but there are only 4 of us who work here (not counting freelancers) and I'm the only one in my department now. The boss knows I want training and he kept promising I'd get it when he replaces the person who was senior to me in my dpt who left. the boss now says he isnt hiring anyone else.

i am trying to stick it out but i feel like i'm trapped. I guess I'll just have to wait it out....
tell me about where you are emigrating to, and the best things about this place that you are looking forward to?
Question Author
i'm off to Canada, mandimoo, to have a more relaxed lifestyle,

I'm going to the enjoy the wildlife, nature and outdoor sports. I'm planning to go there and try new things (including different careers).
would there be any point training you if you're bogging off in a few months?
AS you will be off soon he probably feels there is no point to changing your job, just suck it in and do the job.
hi again, sorry i meant to reply sooner than this.... you know what you told me about what you are looking forward to about emigrating.... well think of that when you are getting down about your job, and really picture it, dont just think the words.
bon voyage for the near future x

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Job is getting me down

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