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weird dreams!?

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LongVodka | 21:22 Mon 08th Dec 2008 | Body & Soul
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not sure if anyone else feels like this as i know dreams are as individual as a person. but lately i've been haven't these dreams sometimes when i wake up i feel even more tired than when i went to bed. sometimes ive had dreams about work (sad i know) and it's like working a shift in my dream again leaving me tired once im up.
but the most annoying thing is i might get that sense of deja vu and im not exactly sure if i had it in a dream or if actually happened in reality.
i cant be the only one that's feeling or felt like this or im i looking too much into or just crazy???


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I have very vivid realistic dreams and it sometakes takes me a while to separate dream from reality.

Many of mine seem to be based around studying though I've not been a student since 2001, usually with some kind of panic related like I suddenly realised I haven't attended or studied enough or missed and exam even though and it's really wearing.

Have some related to work and they do leave you feeling knackered in a head overload kinda way.

I have always had quite a vivid imagination so may be partly why and may be partly to do with the level of sleep you get. I often wake still feeling knackered and feel like I have a hangover despite not drinking or doing anything knackering.

I often need time to wake up gradually so set my alarm early then get up and snooze on the sofa for a while before properly getting up.
I suffer from vivid weird dreams (and very often violent nightmares) every night and never manage to sleep right through the night - I wake up often. When morning comes I am exhausted and, like Jen it, takes me ages to get going and sometimes the dreams stay in my mind for quite a while.

Also like Jen, a lot of my dreams are about school and studying, and seeing as I left college in 1965 .....................!!!! I also dream a lot about travelling and hotels and losing baggage, and also moving house. There are no many dreams that repeat themselves, that I too have difficulty sometimes in differentiating between dreams and reality.

I am an anxious person by nature so I presume this is why, but I would love a good restful nights sleep. Sleeping tablets, prescription or otherwise, make me feel absolutely awful the next day. I can't stand hot milk, which apparently is relaxing, and herbal remedies do nothing. :o(

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weird dreams!?

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