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Pain Gone 'Pain Pens'

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KRUSTYMAN | 19:44 Fri 06th Nov 2009 | Body & Soul
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Having reached the end of my tether with pain in my neck due to prolapsed discs. I received a letter advertising 'Pain Gone' pen type impliments and was wondering if anyone has tried these and whether, in their opinions, they work. I'm on maximum medication, I've had epidurals to no effect and I've been passed right through the local NHS pain clinic and come out the other side with no real help. I've also got a Tens machine that gives little relief other than to administer a different pain by whacking it up on high! My gratitude in advance.


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If you have had no relief from TENS for your pain then the Pain Gone Pens will not work either.They work on exactly the same principle as TENS.
Hi Krustyman
Have you tried acupuncture ? I have a similar problem and found that acapuncture was the only thing that gave instant relief. Mind you, it didn't last forever - maybe 4 - 6 months. I also see a chiropractor every 6 - 8 weeks for an "MOT" (I have back probs as well) and find this works wonders on both neck and back.
Good luck

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Pain Gone 'Pain Pens'

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