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Yours or Theirs for Christmas?

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AB Editor | 17:22 Fri 18th Dec 2009 | Body & Soul
30 Answers
For many couples deciding where you are spending Christmas day is a stressful choice which has to be made fairly. Where are you spending Christmas?

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  • Everyone else comes to us. - 16 votes
  • 55%
  • We're Going to Her Family's (Or Your family's if you are female) - 8 votes
  • 28%
  • We're Going to His Family's (Or Your family's if you are male) - 5 votes
  • 17%

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None of the above apply!
Lofty....none of the above.

I did suggest that the four of us should have Xmas together, but you have never answered......;-)
None of the above for me too. Just me and the hubby, and he's working till 3 pm.
I don't see a "We're stopping on our own" option, but if there was, I'd have chosen that one.
All at ours . Daughter is working at 2pm so early lunch but son is working til 5am Christmas morn so he might not make it over for lunch. So it looks like me,OH, Ma-in-law, Son (?) , Daughter and Son-in-law , Daughter no.2 plus great nephew and lady asked if they could come but blenched a bit at early lunch so they might wander over later. 3pm it magically becomes my Birthday and then it's all about me,me ,me.
My best female friend's hubby is taking his mum out. Her kids are are going to dinner with their real dad, so she is coming for dinner and afters at mine.Ho ho ho!
Did I read that right Postdog, your friends husband is taking his mother out and would be leaving his wife alone for the day if she wasn't going to yours??
I would have picked the "were' stopping on our own" if there was an option
There isn't an option for - "haven't got a partner, parents dead so it's only me and the cats".


"Brother invited my to his house but it is 6+ hours away and kitties would have had to go to cattery. Santa Kittie might have missed them. (Not that I love my cats more than my brother!)"

We're staying in on our own too, although a good friend is coming to lunch.

Perhaps the poll writers should have thought about this a little more and not assumed we all want to be with a big gang of someone's family at Christmas.
We are at home and a friend is coming for lunch .
The person I would like to spend Xmas day with isn't around, so I'm spending it with my sister and her family...
Just my OH and I on Christmas day.
Well I guess it's just me and the dog................sob......
You could come to mine and occupy Ginger while I do the cooking Craft :-)
why have you got a Wii.......
I think ummm means go round and keep slapping him so he stays awake...
I think I'd be better at the cooking....
Craft you can come to ours for Christmas , do you live
in the south east ?

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Yours or Theirs for Christmas?

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