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Yours or Theirs for Christmas?

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AB Editor | 17:22 Fri 18th Dec 2009 | Body & Soul
30 Answers
For many couples deciding where you are spending Christmas day is a stressful choice which has to be made fairly. Where are you spending Christmas?

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  • Everyone else comes to us. - 16 votes
  • 55%
  • We're Going to Her Family's (Or Your family's if you are female) - 8 votes
  • 28%
  • We're Going to His Family's (Or Your family's if you are male) - 5 votes
  • 17%

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Just me and the wife ...oh bliss what we want ..when we want ....
No pleasing other people ....

I might even watch the queens speech this year
Just reading the posts in this thread.
And you know what ?
Some people who use answerbank and genuine kind people.
Late answer. Fell asleep, working hard....

Yes he's leaving his wife alone on Christmas day, but that's modern families for you. He has his mum, she has her kids, and by the time she found out her kids weren't staying for dinner, it was too late to book an extra place at the rstaurant.

And Cazzz, you probably wouldn't have got the offer..
None of the above apply to us either. We`re staying at home.
Craft...don't dis my cooking Lady :-)
We will be spending christmas day at my brothers... biggest house by far :) and everyone will be comfortable. I'm in charge of the Boozy Adult Trifle and Cocktails :)

Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Christmas!!! xxx
I have no family, so it's just me and the cat
Just the two of us. Rest of family live too far away and have complicated relationships. So we can enjoy our own choice of music, our own choice of food, sleep in our own beds and do our own thing.
none of the above.
We will be going to OHs mums house, but my mum and stepdad are coming along too! :-)

21 to 30 of 30rss feed

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Yours or Theirs for Christmas?

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