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Mr-H | 08:19 Fri 29th Jan 2010 | Body & Soul
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Since Christmas, my wife has been suffering from catarrh. It actually disappeared a few days ago, but has returned. We have been told that this is because she had a bowl of cereal for breakfast a day before the return of the catarrh. Surely it is an old wives’ tale that there can be any link between catarrh and milk. Does anyone have any thoughts/knowledge about this? Any ideas on the removal of catarrh please?


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If you go to boots you can buy a saline nasel spray and decongestant.. its quite effective but costs around £6 , can't think of the name right now but the shop assistant should be able to help.. it basically washes out the nasel cavity
If you believe in such a thing as milk or lactose allergy, the one of the symptoms of such is catarrh.

After saying that, there are far more commoner things causing catarrh, than milk allergy.
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Sorry sqad, but apart from things like the common (and other types) cold - what else?
sammo, its called Flixonase Aqueous Nasal Spray.
I also suffer from chronic catarrh. You may have seen my recent posting here. Do you live near water (not the sea) as I do? I am convinced that there is a link between catarrh & the area where the sufferer lives. The specialist prescribed 2 squirts of Flixonase nasal spray in each nostril daily but the problem continues. It's very unpleasant, isn't it?
Cararrh is not a medical term and is a term that laymen use to describe discharge from the nose.
It may be watery indicating perhaps an allergy or a viral infection or what is known as vasomotor rhinitis which could be either emotional or due to industrial irritants .

If coloured, it could be due to active or chronic sinusitis.

The treatment depends upon the cause.
Other contributors have probably already given the best answers, but it's interesting that Sqad refers to causes possibly being 'emotional ..........' It seems to me that many problems that can't otherwise be explained are put down to emotional factors, stress, etc. and I'm a bit suspicious about that. It might be worth trying something called OLBAS, an inhalant/decongestant. A web search will produce much to read about this product and how to use it. Best wishes.
The basis of medical care is to treat the cause.

All the above contributors are treating the symptoms.

What if the symptoms represent a more sinister cause? Might this not be dangerous?
Try having the cereal with orange juice instead of milk for a change and see if it makes any difference.

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