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Left, Right or straightforward???

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crazygirly | 16:08 Sat 01st Dec 2012 | Relationships & Dating
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Hi All,

Really hope someone can see what i obviously cannot see and hopeully give me some advice and point me in the right direction....

My friend (a very good friend, whom i trust implicitly) text me today saying she had seen my partner of 10 years relationship in the local pub at 10am today as she was taking her child to a karate class and she happended to walk past this pub, she spotted my partner. i then rang my friend, who said it was definately my man sat in the pub. You may be thinking 10am thats early for a pub to open but this pub also sells food, breakfasts etc as far as im aware.

My friend saw him at 10am in the pub, she then collected her child from his class at 11am and she said my partner was still sat in the pub but she couldnt see who he was sat with. i then decided to get ready and had the idea of casually walking past the pub he was sat in. This would of seemed quite normal, as it is a pub on the way into our local town. But i thought better of it and stayed at home.

She waved to my partner and as my friend eplains it, he looked at her shocked before waving back. My partner was supposed to be at work today.

I then sent my partner a text as i would normally asking him "what time he thinks he would be home from work". I sent this text to him at 11:30am today. He then text me back at 11:43am, saying "he was back and that he was having breakfast with his 2 workmates" who, i do know through my partner as he works day in, day out with the 2 blokes. I didnt send a text back, i just left it. He then text me at 11:50am asking me "whats up". i replied with "xx" (kiss) back, as though nothing was wrong.

I havent and wont mention to my partner that my friend had contacted me saying she had seen him in the pub at 10am and that she saw that he was still sat in the pub 1 hour later when she went to collect her child from his class.

Its now 15:07pm and i havent had a text nor have i had a call from my partner since the last text.

Any advice would be greatley appreciated or what people on the outside looking in on my situation can see. As we all know, when we are involved in a situation we cannot always see whats happening. Im not sure what to make of this. Once again, any advice or opinions would be a great help.


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You are pregnant with a diagnosis of placenta previa and you're not in hospital? Strange.

My sister had that and she had to lie in a hospital bed for four months as she was told she could haemorrhage at any moment. She eventually did and had an emergency C-Section.

Why can't you just casually mention to your partner that your friend saw him in the pub...?

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Left, Right or straightforward???

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