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Does anyone understand scottish or is anyone here from scotland?

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Bootfall22 | 19:32 Fri 30th Nov 2012 | Relationships & Dating
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Hi, i've recently been online trying to make friends as i've moved away from home and am lonely. I've recently struck up a conversation with a scottish guy and we've been talking a lot and seem to share the same interests so i'm going to meet him tonight.

The problem is in an email he said he's going to give me a "moothie" as i didn't want to embarrass myself by appearing stupid i said "i look forward to it" but the problem is i don't know what it is or what it means and am worried that it could possibly be sexual. I once got myself into a situation with an aggressive man i met online who thought my friendship meant that when i came to his house meant i was going to give/receive sexual favours, but i'm not gay and this led to me being knocked around, strangled and locked in his room until the police eventually came after a neighbor heard the window breaking as i tried to escape.

This scottish guy seems like a great guy but i'm worried in case it's a similar situation.

He hasn't mentioned any talk about girlfriends or going out to meet women and i don't want to offend him by asking him is he gay and expecting a sexual relationship from me.

Does anyone know what a "moothie" is and what should i do?


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I'll be back to read replies and answer after i shower and get myself ready.
Mouth Organ? (if that doesn't sound too sexual!)
Do you not think it would have been prudent to meet at a bar or coffee shop rather putting yourself in a vulnerable position by going to a strangers home?

Sorry but I have no idea what 'moothie' may mean.
I'd be very surprised if he's offering to give you a musical instrument
It's not an expression that I have ever heard, and I spend most of my life listening to Scottish people.

What's the context of the email....?
Are you sure you have made it plain to this guy that all you want is a blokey type bloke pal??

May he have misconstrued your messages?
where are you meeting him? I hope you learned your lesson after the last time, not to meet a stranger in a private place.
I am not Scottish, nor familiar with the dialect, but even I can guess what a "moothie" is. If you're not up for it, don't go.
This is a very strange post for a first post..... if you are lonely in a new town, you join a club or such, not go on-line to meet people.

Bootfall sounds like beautiful, perhaps this bloke got the wrong end of the stick...
you are am idiot. Your previous experience should have taught you not to go meet strangers. Unless you have made it very clear you are just looking ofr mates, then you are probably just being a prick tease.
Sounds like oral sex to me?
also why didn't you just say "moothie?, what's that then?"
''This is a very strange post for a first post''

But strictly speaking it isn't...
I've just checked 'Mouth organ' in Urban Dictionary!
Look at No. 4 - suggests oral sex - I wouldn't go if I were you
He's a chancer, an' you sound like wan tae pal :-)
I hope bootfall comes back before he opens that front door....
Or the back door........

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Do you know the answer?

Does anyone understand scottish or is anyone here from scotland?

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