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Does history ever repeat itself??

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hoopsgalore | 00:05 Thu 15th Mar 2007 | Relationships & Dating
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Hello people,
I'm just wondering if ever history has ever repeated itself for anyone in a relationship ... let me explain.

I went through my schooling, 6th form and went off to uni with myself as "gay" and was very open and told anyone I met. While at uni I got friendly with a few girls (as you do) and one in particular was sort of like my best mate (in a Will and Grace sense). Then one day I decided to kiss her and after some initial on-and-offs regarding my sexuality issue we ended up together and engaged for the past 3 years. She broke up with me in Sept and since then the old me from pre-uni has come back - becoming very "gay" as such. I've gone through a whole new "coming out" process to friends (and this time family included!) and to try and get some friends I've been mixing with a group of girls my age from work. And I've had thoughts of the same thing happening with one of the girls in particular (who happens to be very similar to my ex in the sense small, little bit overweight, very bubbly and loud, and quite young, immature in a cute way ... my ex was like this but as she got older she changed - apparently my mum says this is the type of person I go for but they are clearly not right for me) so I'm thinking could history strike again ... what if we become good friends like I want and I end up doing something like kissing her like my ex ... surely my past shows this won't end up in the long run as a good thing??

It's really and odd feeling as I just really find confident, childish/immature, giggly females so attractive but I only have fun with them when I'm being all gay and camp (if you get me) ... once with me I turned into a very serious, boring person and we both turned into such different people. I'm just worried (or should I not be?) that the same thing could happen again. Thanks.


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Well in my experience not only does history sometimes repeat itself in relationships, it happens all the time, and that is because you are the person you are with your own unique makeup and although you might mature over the years, the basic needs/likes/dislikes etc. remain the same. I am wondering, if these immature giggly females are actually sort of 'playmates' in a sort of boyish way and obviously if you get close to people and with our sexuality often a bit blurred at times, you can find yourself in a 'relationship' brought about possibly by their misconception of you, and possibly by your natural needs for closeness and companionship. But your true deep sexuality lies elsewhere and maybe you have not really found the right person to reach its full potential. So, I would say - know yourself and that this might happen, but do not think it is wrong or something that is going to damage you, it is just part of you and the more you can work within the person you are, the better. However it might be an idea to be honest with any 'partners' so that they are fully aware of all the facts.
yes and no
Yes or no thats wat i dont kno. it doesnt for me so i just dont know wat to tell u..

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Does history ever repeat itself??

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