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nellytheelephant | 15:03 Tue 15th Nov 2011 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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has anyone ever been hypnotised for weight loss or for the gastric band, and if so did it work?


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Hypnoband... its helping a bit but not as much as I hoped I don't think it was worth the money... hypnotherapy of the conventional kind is sometimes as effective
Sounds to me to be a post-hypnotic suggestion method. I've no experience of it, and it may work, but I don't think I'd suggest it in preference to getting used to a healthy diet naturally. But it may be worth a shot prior to major surgery options.

As rowanwitch says, conventional hypnopherapy is worth a shot too. Although it is there to aid your own willpower, not replace it.
I spent £240 on three sessions of Hypnotherapy for weight loss, they only pounds I lost were monetary ones.
Is this a serious question?Surely theres no need for hypnosis when you have a gastric band ?
There is a method of Hypnotherapy called "Gastric Band Hypnotherapy".Think it's just a buzz word to draw people into believing the effects will be the same as having a Gastric Band so you will only be able to eat smaller portions after. I presume this is what Nelly is referring to.
Well if you dont do the research then hell mend you .
To some extent the hypnoband works in that if I eat too much I am sick... but it hasn't helped with feelings of hunger so I'd probably not recommend it

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