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Is Anyone Having Problems Logging Into Natwest Online Banking?

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Galaxy1965 | 15:30 Thu 09th Oct 2014 | Personal Finance
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Is anyone else having problems logging into Natwest online banking, it takes ages for the Natwest page to load, then when I click on Log In all I get is a blank page and nothing loads, then now and again if I am lucky it works OK. Just wanted to know what the problem is, my laptop or Natwest problem.
Thanks in advance.


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i can access it fine & put a dummy number into the log in & it took me through to "not recognized" (as you'd expect, I'm not a customer)
I've just accessed my account, no problem at all.
Same here ...No problem .
I have no problems looging on with Natwest.
That should say logging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats interesting. I couldn't get the log-in page for LLoyds yesterday, either in Chrome or IE. I use Plusnet (if that makes a difference). I asked them on twitter but they swore there were no problems their end - said use a different computer (!hmmph!). I cleared my browsing history and cookies as they asked, but still couldn't get in this morning. Then when I tried this afternoon -bingo.
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Is Anyone Having Problems Logging Into Natwest Online Banking?

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