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debt with the gov

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angua1973 | 23:38 Sun 16th Nov 2008 | Personal Finance
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i took a crisis loan when i first had my son 13 yrs ago and was paying it back through my benifits. 7 years ago they contacted me to say i still owed them 44 quid. i told them i had paid it off and they told me they were going to look into it. now i have recieved a letter from a debt company demanding the money from me. also they have my name wrong on the debt, they are using my middle name on the letters. where do i stand with this?


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Contact the Social Fund section and ask them to put in writing the details of the loan and what they say has been recovered. At the same time, write to the benefit section that was recovering the loan and ask them to put in writing, the benefit rates you have received up to the time you think you had repaid the loan. It may just be a clerical error that has resulted in the Social Fund either not being telt the loan has been recovered or it could be the benefit section didn't recover the loan in full for whatever reason.

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debt with the gov

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