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cash machines

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annieigma | 19:20 Wed 17th Aug 2011 | Business & Finance
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I tried to use my nat west card at the Halifax today, the machine said " unable to process transaction at present time" I went home and checked my balance on line, money in there. went back to the halifax ( only because you can park outside) and tried again, same answer. so had to pay to park in a car park, then walk for 5 minutes to the nat west, ready to have a few words about why I can
not get any money out, saw a queue, so tried the till outside, it gave me the money. Now, I have google as my home page, and tonight the news comes up. one of the items is: "RBS resticts cash till card use" it appears that as they make no money by letting other bank users with "basic bank accounts"
( thats usually the people on benefits and basic wage, or those who do not want to pay any excessive bank charges etc) get money from their machines. I expect Dave cammeron will say its our fault, we should all get a high paid job where we can afford the £12 a month bank charges.
Tell that to the nursing staff. So, now, if I need money, I have to go to the natwest itself or change the type of account and pay the banks a monthly fee.
Are we being taken for idiots here???? just how much money do they think they can wring out of us. I now will have to pay parking charges and more fuel costs. another nail in the coffin of the working classes.



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Just get cash out at the supermarket when you pay by debit card. Far safer than using a ATM anyway.
We are the only country in the world to offer free current accounts.
i have a bank account with lloyds and don't get charged.
My husband has one with santander and dosen't get charged
My mum has one with barclays and dosen't get charged.
Sounds like it's time to change banks!
You can have a bank account without paying £12 a month.
Are you sure the RBS change took effect today- i assumed they were giving noticef a planned future change
....or open a halifax account and transfer money from your nat west to the halifax when you get paid so that it's available to get out when you need cash?
Chances are that this was a malfunctioning single machine or network. Try it another day and it may well be working.
I tend to go with CJP on this one.
annie; think you're getting het-up about very little. Agree with SJP- probably a one-off fault. As for current accounts - as stated above- think you need to change. I've NEVER paid charges for my account servicing.
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I'm with natwest and able to withdraw cash from ATM machines for other banks, as already stated there was probably a malfunction with the machine? X
It was on the news this morning. A few banks are only letting customers draw money from their own machines. If they want to use other cash points they will be charged.

Like hc says....we are the country that can have free banking.
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Whilst RBS/Nat West will get the flak for this isn't the underlying cause that banks charge each other for the use of their cash machines so in this case it is the Halifax who charge Nat West- so maybe Annie should ask Halifax why they charge RBS.

It seems to me banks get criticised when they make a loss, criticised when they take steps to reduce losses and get even bigger criticism when they make profits.
The woman on the news said she couldn't get the banks to confirm the actual amount charged. She said it's less than 50p but more than just a few pence.
OP's problem has nothing to do with the "RBS cash-machine restrictions" that posters above are highlighting. If people had bothered to read the reports properly, they would know that the changes don't happen for quite some time - months, in fact.
^ I raised that point at 19.25 yesterday and my reading of some other posts was that the problems the OP had yesterday were not connected to these changes.

However some posters (including me) did also go on to comment on the proposed changes, and some interesting points were made
factor: yes, some of us did point that out - but some were still, this morning, seeming to confirm the opposite by referring to today's news and papers.
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Am I the only one who has had this problem? I tried two different cash machines, one owned by the co-op ( don't know who the provider is) and the halifax. neither would give money, they both made a pleasent excuse. on the strength of these replies, I am going back to both of those machines tomorrow, and try again. if the halifax says NO, then I will go inside and ask why. I will report back. In case anyone thinks there were insufficient funds, I can inform you that there was £84 in that account, and no direct debits or standing orders, charges etc. exist on that account, so there was nothing due out for anything. There is still £64 in the account, so will be interesting to see what happens.

I use the Halifax and don't get least never have to date.

Our joint currant account pays £5 a month bonus for staying in credit tho we do have to have £750 a month payed in. Once bills are paid there is little left but it gets us the fiver bonus.

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