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Property Abroad Division For Shareholders

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mstarsemi | 14:17 Fri 24th Aug 2012 | Business & Finance
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A property abroad is owned by 2 shareholders in a company that no longer has an account. One shareholder wants to sell their half of the property and has a buyer but any monies from the buyer needs to go to the company shareholders equally (even thought he other shareholder is retaining their half of the property). The shareholder selling cannot trust the other shareholder to hand over the half (quarter) share to the seller shareholder if it goes into their respective banks equally. The seller Shareholder does not have a bank account (in Bulgaria) but has been told one can be opened for them for the transaction, otherwise the sale amount will go to the non selling shareholders account. Is there any way that the buyer can simply pay the seller shareholder without involving the non seller shareholder (the one who is retaining their half of the land). Thanks


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Property Abroad Division For Shareholders

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