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Property Management

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kanwal3017 | 20:03 Fri 03rd Jul 2020 | Business & Finance
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I am looking to go into property letting as a business. I already have a house that I let out and now have enough capital to buy a second property. If I let this property out as well can I start up my own letting business?


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Nothing has changed since the last time you posted this question.

i.e. you're already running a letting business (even though it involves just one property at the moment) and there's nothing to prevent you from expanding it.
If I was considering entering or adding to a UK property portfolio, I’d wait a few months for the up-coming property price crash.

The government says that post covid-19 the economy will be booming like never before (they are wrong).

With millions of people out of work (unable to find a job), unable to pay their rent or mortgage – there will be a glut of repossessed properties available at knockdown prices.

With the government (you and me) bailing out the economy unit October, property prices will likely bottom out sometime around the middle of next year (according to my crystal ball).

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Property Management

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