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Why Do People Not Pay Money They Owe?

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Raidergal2022 | 22:28 Thu 27th Jul 2023 | Business & Finance
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I sold a Playstation console to my cousin (in his 20’s) recently. I handed over the console to him and he agreed to pay me on the 24th when he got paid.

There has been no sign of payment despite a gentle reminder.

I hate situations like this as it seems harsh keep asking for the money.

On the other hand it makes me question the thought process of those who owe money but don’t/delay paying. When I owe money it plays on my mind and I’d much rather get it paid and out of the way. I wouldn’t want it hanging over me.

What could be going through the mind of my cousin.. maybe he doesn’t have the money, does he somehow feel better/more financially secure by delaying payment, is he somehow hoping that as time goes by I’l forget?


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Get angry. Demand payment.
dont tell us, tell him

dear Cuzz, you have not yet paid the $ x as we agreed on the 27th. Any delay may lead to a misunderstanding
your raidergal

and yes you have to ask for it - unpleasant I know

and dont lend to him again...

what is going froo his mind ?
"I hope she doesnt ask me for the money" is number one.

Question Author
Peter- him hoping that I don’t ask is only a very temporary fix though. As surely he doesn’t think I’l forget. If they know they have to pay sooner or later why don’t people like this want to get the payment out the way.
what he thinks is irrelevant
he is late and you are going to have to ask
most industry norms are 14d
Send 'the boys' round. I'm told they like a bit of baseball.
Did he give you an undertaking to pay in cash or a bank transfer. Text him politely and say, "Sorry to be a pain but, if you don't mind, could I have the money in .... instead?"
Did he give you evidence of his agreement to pay in writing or text, if he didn't be could say he thought you had given it to him and deny any agreement to pay exists.
One trick you might try if you have no evidence is to text him saying you are still waiting for the £XXX but put an amount that is about £50 higher than you agreed. He is likely to text back to tell you the amount was £Xxx-£50 and then you will have proof. However this doesn't give you a date that was agreed.
Rowan's idea is a good one but you could speak with him in person and have your phone discreetly recording. Personally I'm with you and could never mess around when it comes to owing money. I like my bills / commitments paid as soon as they land on the mat so to speak.
I usually reckon if people are selling possessions they probably need the money so even if I didn't have the full amount to hand I would give what I could and the rest as soon as I had it.

He might have simply forgotten? I wake up in the night and think OMG I was supposed to do a certain thing this week and I’ve forgotten.
At 20 years old he’s less likely than I am to set alerts or leave himself a note!
Just contact him and ask if he could transfer the money for the console now please.
It’s worth a reminder before you write him off as a thief!
Note to self, if selling an item hand it over after payment is received rather than beforehand.
One trick you might try if you have no evidence is to text him saying you are still waiting for the £XXX but put an amount that is about £50 higher than you agreed.

oh you little minx ! yes this works

I said - you took my grandfathers tantalus and sold it on the internet. - and here it is ! (shows photo of objaaaay on internet)
and Dicko said - no that one had cut glass decanters in it!
Dicko's girlfriend looked absolutely thunderstruck....
I was supposed to do a certain thing this week and I’ve forgotten.

yeah i do this: I discuss and agree a list of things to do ( my life is very slow) each Monday and sort of stick to it ( no change, ever).

Money lu-lu is sacred - In (small) business if you say -can you wait until friday I can pay then?
then a queue will for, outside your door later that day....

a discharged bankerupt said glumly: yes that is exactly what happens.

so you have to pay on the nail - he does
Take him to Judge Judy.
I would ask him to return the Playstation console if he has no intention of paying for it. Let him know you have another customer with cash. Maybe gee him up a bit?
Question Author
Update: Rowanwitch - I tried your suggestion overestimated the amount slightly he did get back to correct me lol.

He has paid most of it now after me telling him I need the money, he just owes £50 which he said he’l pay when he can. May need another trick to get this off him

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Why Do People Not Pay Money They Owe?

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