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How To Stop An Apple Cpa

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bednobs | 07:45 Fri 06th Oct 2023 | Business & Finance
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hi al, i recently reaised that i have a small amount going out of my bank account for a while, from an old apple app on a previous ipad which i have no doubt was signed up for. Unfortunately the apple id password can no longer be remembered, nor do we have the ipad anymore, nor can we remember the screen unlock password, a combination of which  we need to know to change the password.  I have called apple customer services, and unless i can do a combination of the above they cant help. is there any way of tackling it from the bank end of things?



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Surely you can cancel it with the bank ?  

If it's a direct debit, you could just stop it. 

Yes, your bank must cancel the CPA upon request, so that is the easiest way to stop the payments.

Ask your bank who they are paying the money to and any reference numbers or other details they have in respect of this payment.

Hopefully that will give you enough information to inform the company that you have cancelled the payments

...and try to recover any overpayments.

A CPA is not a direct debit.

Question Author

thanks. effing apple.  I know what it is for because apparently ive been getting invoices every month (to an email adress  i dont use any more)

There's no f in Apple😜

How long have you been paying for something you don't use?  Is it an Apple app?   

Question Author

yes an apple app.  We probably havent had that i pad for a year!

Shame you can't remember your log in details - you could cancel the app subscription through iTunes on your PC or whatever device you are currently using

Question Author

well i called the bank and they cant do it!


on the plus side, they now give you an option of not hearing the music they play, and getting intermittent beeps instead so you know you are still waiting :0)

If is a CPA the bank can't refuse to do it.

Did they give a reason?

Question Author

they would have to cancel ALL the payments to apple, andit would be future payments too and that's a whole ballgame i dont want to get into.

There is an apple/android divide in this house (i'm team android and i now know why!)

Question Author

they were saying that i can dispute the individual ones via thae banking app but looking at it i have to lie and say it's a service i havent received. Im sure i have though i cant check, not having that ipad any more

That's bad.  Have you tried logging in to iTunes?

Question Author

i cant remember the password, and therein lies the problemo.

I have been thru password recover, but it requires an authorisation on screen of ipad we no longer have.

failing that, i need the screen unlock code which also no-one can remember.

i have to go throuhgh the account recovery stuff, which they have informed me will take several weeks.

I keep a notebook of passwords and log ins in my safe.  Old fashioned, but it will be useful when I die.

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not that anyone cares, but i got this sorted out today - apple FINALLY let me change the password and i cancelled them

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How To Stop An Apple Cpa

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